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Saturday 09th, May 2009
Gareth Emery - Metropolis

Metropolis is Gareth Emeryís second single on his new Garuda imprint that replaces his much-missed Five AM label. Garethís ear for a fine tune is clearly evident in his DJ sets and that was always carried on into his A&R choices, so it is great to see him back with what will no doubt become a very important trance label. It got off to a storming start with the brilliant Exposure (reviewed here) and Metropolis is the AA-side, and it more than deserves its share of the limelight.

Driven by Emeryís always-excellent tight percussive loops and a succulent, meaty bassline a laid-back yet danceable atmosphere is soon created with short chopped vocal loops and cute flittering melodies. Itís almost as if he canít wait to drop the lead theme, and it appears soon after the 1:30 mark and itís a beaut, wonderful keys played out with a perfectly chosen sound, it has so much presence itís almost visible in the air. The track meanders dreamily with a cheeky lack of direction to a breakdown where sweet bright melodies dart mischievously around each other. Soon, the lead is dropped back in, frog-marching it to a second breakdown. This has a variation on the theme, played on a different synth sound that shows a superb progression to a gorgeous uplifting climax where all the previous elements come out to play. Emery teases the listener with several false stops, with the track scaling ever higher peaks just as it seems it is about to end. Just sublime!

Gareth Emery productions always have a touch of class about them that sets them apart, an effortless immediacy almost as if they drop straight out of his imagination as fully encoded MP3s. Iím sure the process is much more hard work than that, but he makes it look so easy. Similar in style to his often production cohort Langeís Angel Falls, this is one of the knock-out lovely trance records of the year 4.5/5

Out soon on www.audiojelly.com

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Written by:
Jon Nix

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