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Friday 30th, June 2006
Ferry Corsten - L.E.F.

Loud, Electronic, Ferocious. DJ and producer Ferry Corsten has been hammering this concept for over a year now, mildly trying to define his style of spinnin and producing. It started with an intensive wordwide LEF tour where Corsten showed his matured sound and prepared the audience and clubbers for his new album.

Naturally this album is therefore called L.E.F. The cover of the album shows walkin away from an exploded car. We'd like to hear if this album is really that explosive. Naturally, the dance community expects alot from the man that brought us great albums from System F and ofcourse his brilliant Right Of Way. We kick off...

with a spacy intro sound. A bit useless in my opinion, because intro's are usually good for one listen and then are often skipped. Anyway, the album kicks off with "Are Your Ready", a pretty fun electro-influenced dancetrack. It's catchy and a tad cool, althought it could have been a bit more naughty in my opnion.

Then it's time for the biggest hit on this album so far, Fire ft Simon Le Bon. This is really an incredible track, perfectly making cross-over to the national charts as well. A superb effort to melt eighties and dancemusic. The cd continues with L.E.F. , the titletrack of this album. It's a really strange but cool tune! Listening to this is pretty much the same experience as playing on a Gameboy while under influence of LSD. It's a tad short (3 minutes), but that's no big deal.

Into The Dark is a poppy vocal track with legend Howard Jones and is a bit laidback and darker than other tracks. The tad moody and depressing atmosphere in this track is a nice switch from the happier tunes we heard before. Then it's time for the first "real" trancetune on the album: Galaxia. You can throw rotten eggs at me now, but I don't understand why this tune had to be remade again. The melody is really nice, although due to its massive amount of re-releases (first release was in 1996, with re-releases in 1997, 2000 and 2001!), we heard it so many times before.

"Everything is beautiful" are the words spoken by the electronic robovoice in this tune, and for sure it's appropriate in this track. A gorgeous and exciting feelgood trancer that combines alienated vocals, upbeat basslines and sweet melody's are bursting out of your speakers. Fantastic! The next tune, "Possession" is another upbeat track with trancey influences and that distinctive new Ferry Corsten bassline. The vocals are really nice and the melody reminds me alot of older "The Cure" tracks (a touch of Forest?). Great tune again!

Slower poppy tunes
On My Mind is totally different. Minimal beats and percussion mixed with laidback vocals from Denise Stahlie are carrying on for almost five minutes. I found this tune a bit too long, and the vocals did not grab my full attention. "Down On Love" is more upbeat and poppy, with a much thicker sound and nice beats. Also "Forever" is a tad more poppy and seems influenced by those dancetunes in the eighties and nineties. A nice gimmick that the vocals in this tune are the same as the electronized version in "Beautiful".

Furious end
"Watch Out" is the newest single by Ferry Corsten, a pretty crazy and phat electrance monster! Much in the line of Punk and Rock Your Body Rock, this is again a catchy and powerfull crowdpleaser. Next up is Junk, the rap-version of Punk. Rapmaster Guru spices up the original hitrecord with some classy raps. Pretty neat idea!

"Cubikated" is for over a year one of the highlights in Ferry Corsten's sets. A slammin techo-influenced cracker of a track, based on the old danceclassic. Pumpin beats, nifty little effects and mindblowing lead.. excellent for the floor! The last tune "Freefalling" is a trippy dreamtrack that closes the album nicely. But wait... there are

Bonus Tracks
For every region where the album is released, there is a special bonus track added. My guess is that the buyers in the Benelux are the happiest, with the addition of I Love You, one of the most talked about Ferry tracks the past year(s). Asia should do it with Insolation 2006, USA with Corsten's remake of the Prison Break Theme, inspired on the hitseries. For the UK, you will find Daylight.

L.E.F. is certainly a quality album and shows the diversity of Ferry Corsten as a producer. In general, the tunes are really well produced and alot of styles are combined on this record. Still I think that Ferry Corsten did not squeeze everything possible out of this album and some tracks just miss the WOW-factor. Still a great album for the collection and respect for mr Corsten for breaking some boundaries in a static dance(trance)scene.

1. Intro
2. Are You Ready
3. Fire
4. L.E.F.
5. Into The Dark
6. Galaxia
7. Beautiful
8. Possession
9. On My Mind
10. Down On Love
11. Forever
12. Watch Out
13. Junk
14. Cubikated
15. Freefalling

Bonus track: I Love You / Daylight / Insolation 2006 / Prison Break Them (depending on territory)

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