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Tuesday 01st, March 2005
LSG - Netherworld 2005

Continuing in their quest to push the more underground, progressive side of trance, j00f recordings have signed LSG's classic "Netherworld" and given it a fresh 2005 makeover. LSG is of course one of the many aliases from uberproducer Oliver Lieb, and his new remix is amongst those on offer here.

Oliver Lieb Remix

Oliver has been one of the most successful and respected producers in the scene for a long while now, and has always secured big hit tunes with all the top trance DJs without veering from his chunky progressive style. This remix is exactly what you would expect from the German maestro, with a throbbing bassline and funk filled percussion sitting behind the original's classic filtered synth stabs. Fans of Oliver's style will lap this up, as it offers a fresh update to the original still in the unmistakable Lieb style.

Oliver Prime Remix

Oliver Prime won the trance.nu talent search a few months back, resulting in the release of "Radiance" on Reset records. Further productions from the guy are due on Reset also, but here he lends his considerable production talent to Lieb's baby. This production is nothing short of stunning, with a beautiful bassline, incredible effects and perfectly programmed percussion all demonstrating themselves in the first quarter of the tune. As a small break introduces the filtered synth melody the atmosphere builds and builds, so by the time the kick drops back with the chord changes in the bassline the track is ready to explode. This is a perfect example of how to make classy dancefloor music, deep and interesting sounds with a gorgeous melody and brilliant FX. Layer upon layer of sound is added to the tune, which gives you more and more on every listen. A stunning piece of music.

John 00 Fleming Remix

John's mix is a much deeper affair, with his trademark psy influences and chugging effects adding an evil feeling to the track. Taking the entire track down a darker route, the j00f label boss adds dark acidic stabs, phased effects and bleepy sine melodies to create a version that will appeal to those who find Oliver Prime's remix a bit too mainstream(!) This mix is very strong, beaten only by the Prime mix in this strong package.

Incolumis Remix

Starting with a dark saw bassline and deep kick, this track takes a more progressive slant to the other versions. The percussion is softer and the BPM is slightly lower, allowing the groove to carry the track along rather than the melody. Some interesting distorted sounds are added to the mix before those synths return. This is the weakest of the mixes for me, adding very little different to the others, but in a lot less interesting fashion.


The Oliver Prime mix stands head and shoulders above the others here, with awesome effects, sounds and a stupidly high level of production that shines here. John 00 Fleming has made a very competent remix too, along with the Oliver Lieb remix which is chunky and funky. The only dissapointment is the Incolumis remix, but disregard that and you have a massive package for the more discerning trance buyer.

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