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Wednesday 29th, September 2010
Roger Shah Presents The Sunlounger 'The Beach Side Of Life'

Artists: First there was ‘Another Day On The Terrace’, then 2008 brought ‘Sunny Tales’… Now Roger Shah presents the third Sunlounger session… Welcome to ‘The Beach Side Of Life’. Find out the whos, whats, whens and wheres by reading on!!

He started this summer with the third wave of his Magic Island mix series - his ‘see-you-soon’ musical-message to Balearically-minded people everywhere. The compilation prefaced one of the most incredible summer seasons of Roger’s career – one that has seen him take his unique, spellbinding LIVE show to all four corners of the globe – witnessed by tens of thousands of people along the way.

This October he’ll book-end it with his ‘closing party’, the last sunset stroke of his 2010 summer… Under his most famous alias, Shah delivers Sunlounger’s third artist album. The man to whom summer is as much an obsession as it is a season will again enthral with super-warm pads & super-chilled riffs; ones that will create a fresco of new music, infused & influenced, at every turn, by the sun.

‘Beach Side’s start-point – both spiritual and actual - is Salinas, Ibiza, where Roger captured the ambient sounds, the lapping waves and his own muted musings for the title track. Back in the studio the drums and looping lamenting guitar refrains were brought in and they provide the perfect introduction to ‘The Beach Side’s musical M.O.

Back in 2008 Roger & vocalist Zara Taylor recorded ‘Lost’ – a track that proved to be the most popular trance track of that year (as voted for by the listeners of A State Of Trance). Both producer and vocalist felt that ‘the story’ merited a concluding part and recorded ‘Found’. Already a single in its own right it adds to the album’s indolent complexion.

Vocalists have played a key role in of the first two Sunlounger albums and that naturally enough that continues with pt.3.
On ‘Beautiful Night’ Antonia Lucas’ vocoded lyrics and harmonies are interspersed by radiating synths and pads sequences, whilst on ‘Life’ Lorilee’s ebullient vocals soar high. After ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’, their collective club-smash, Inger Hansen’s voice became a firm favourite of Roger’s and its elegiac-ally tinged tones can be heard again on ‘Braking Waves’.

As much as the album is recorded with a more meditative view of the trance genre, there are a few tracks that, in their original forms, edge their way off the sands and head in the direction of the clubs. With its samba sounds & stabby uplifting synthology, ‘Son of a Beach’ is a sure-fire foot mover and ‘Summer Escape’s strong, stirring lead-line is likely to engender the same effect in the arms dept! ‘Trademark White’ meanwhile (a reference to Shah’s own on-stage persona) holds off on some of the traditional vibrant Sunlounging percussion to give a more stripped-down musical perspective. 

As with the first two albums, ‘Beach Side of Life’ is an LP for those who – like Roger – see beauty in live instrumentation, languid sounds & lower-end tempos. New to pt.3’s musical make-up are imaginative emerging world music themes & purpose-captured ambient effect-ology. These all coalesce into a CD that creates a whole new art of chill.


01. Sunlounger - The Beach Side Of Life
02. Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Found
03. Sunlounger - Coastline
04. Sunlounger feat. Inger Hansen - Breaking Waves ;
05. Sunlounger - Kuta Beach
06. Sunlounger feat. Antonia Lucas - Beautiful Night
07. Sunlounger - Summer Escape
08. Sunlounger - Trademark White
09. Sunlounger feat. Lorilee – Life
10. Sunlounger - Acapulco Waves
11. Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Feels Like Heaven
12. Sunlounger - Son Of A Beach

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