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Tuesday 25th, March 2008
Dance Valley 2008 line up announced!
Updated: Tuesday 01st, April 2008

Parties: Today Dutch party organisation UDC announced the line up for the Dance Valley 2008 festival! Check inside to read the full line up!

Two gigantic concrete circles stand opposite one another cleft in a mountain of stone blocks. In between, a long, 45-degree steep stairway leads upwards. At the end of the long stairway, the mystery of a beautiful Dutch sky and a beautiful panorama await. More than ever before, this remarkable work of art in the surrealistic landscape of Spaarnwoude symbolises the heart of Dance Valley 2008. On July 12th, at 10 AM, the gates will open for the fourteenth edition, and everyone is welcome to take ‘A Journey Into Sound’. UDC: “We’ve deliberately chosen not to play it safe with a flyer full of well-known names. About half of the artists performing have never turned tables at Dance Valley [w] before, and we have added many new and unknown areas. Nonetheless, artists such as Ferry Corsten [w], Cosmic Gate, John Digweed, Judge Jules, Tom Harding, Jean, Danny Howells, etc. mean that there will be enough big names in the line-up.”

Dance Valley will feel very familiar this year, but at the same time innovative and challenging. With DJ Tiësto on the main stage, a second Valley, the improved area layout and no less than nine music areas, it will be quite different from last year. The icing on the proverbial cake will be the return of Carl Cox as the grand finale in the big valley. After hosting his own Global area over the past few years, the greatest musical trendsetter in the festival's history, this year he will be the closing DJ in the main stage programme. The techno giant promises to make the most beautiful of all crowds in the country dance like during the best of times. Carl Cox: “I always enjoy Dance Valley. I have been playing since the very beginning - I look forward to returning to closing the main stage this year and sending everybody home rockin’.”

Aside from the two big stars Carl Cox and Tiësto, the line-up for the main stage includes many new artists, as well as two names that will ring a bell among the Dutch dance fans. Mason is an international top producer who has mixed house, electro and techno into one thrilling production. Sander van Doorn is currently one of the top trendsetters in the progressive trance scene. Rounding up the main stage line-up are three new DJs: Dutchman Amir Barbell (from Escape) who has been turning tables in the scene for a long time now – he was once elected as the European Champion light jockey - is a respected producer. The brothers David and Tony Moreno from club Amnesia on Ibiza are the party island’s best-kept back-to-back secret. British Jessie Vendetta (GB) has been snapped up by Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings and is considered one of the most promising up-and-coming producers. Dance Valley’s Marxman will again play the part of the MC on 12 July. UDC is proud to present the following overview of the main stage line-up:

Carl Cox (GB)
Tiësto (NL)
Sander van Doorn (NL)
Mason (NL)
Jessie Vendetta (GB)
David & Tony Moreno (ES)
Amir Barbell (NL)
MC Marxman (EU)

After a year's absence, the British institution Renaissance will again set up a tent for the fans of progressive house this year. Gregor Salto’s Bateria will be officially christened this year on July 12th. Multigroove’s Classics area is an ode to the early days of dance. Toolroom Knights is the wildly popular label for Dave Spoon en D. Ramirez. In the Wicked Jazz Sounds tent the borders between jazz and dance will be dismantled, What’s Happening Here is an artistic platform where street theatre and innovative acts will be combined with contemporary electronica, and Flashover Recordings is the open air area in the second valley, where superstar Ferry Corsten will hold his court.

Dance Valley 2008 will be very different from previous editions, in many ways. The rolling landscape on the outskirts of Amsterdam offers plenty of opportunities to turn Dance Valley into a more intense dance experience. This year, we have chosen for a more adventurous and intimate area layout. The festival location will be divided into five different zones: the lower field (Renaissance, Drumcode, ToolRoom and Electronation), the area next to it (Jean’s Madhouse), the second Valley (the open-air stage for Flashover Recordings, Wicked Jazz Sounds, Gregor Salto presents Bateria, Gary’s Global Castle), the upper field (HQ, Stereo70, Multigroove Classics) and the traditional main stage in the big valley. One of the absolute trendsetters on the main stage will be the Netherlands' most popular DJ, Tiesto, who will return to Dance Valley after an absence of several years. Tiesto: “I think it's a pleasure and a privilege to be able to return to the main stage at Dance Valley after four years. I'm looking forward to enjoying the atmosphere and the crowd as much as I did the last few times."

For the complete line-up, see the list below:

Carl Cox (GB)
Tiësto (NL)
Sander van Doorn (NL)
Mason (NL)
Jessie Vendetta (GB)
David & Tony Moreno (ES)
Amir Barbell (NL)
MC Marxman (EU)

Ferry Corsten presents Flashover Recordings:
Ferry Corsten (NL)
Judge Jules (GB)
Deadmau5 (CA)
Cosmic Gate (DE)
Breakfast (US)
Bart Claessen (NL)
Preach (CA)
Rafaël Frost (NL)
MC Stretch (GB)

High Quality
Scot Project – (DE)
Alex Kidd – (GB)
Proteus vs Dark by Design – (FI)
Dr Rude – (GB)
Kutski vs Organ Donors – (GB)
Tom Harding – (GB)
Mark Sherry – (GB)
Dr Willis – (AU)
Danny D vs Ed Real – (GB)
JP – (NL)
Bootek Showcase – (GB)
MC Da Silva – (NL)

John Digweed – (GB)
Danny Howells – (GB)
Dave Seaman – (GB)
Jimmy Van M – (ES)
Marcus Schössow – (SE)
Eelke Kleijn – (NL)
Marcus James – (GB)
Prinz – (BE)

Dubfire – (US)
Nitzer Ebb LIVE – (GB)
Marc Romboy vs Martin Eyerer feat Chelonis R Jones – (DE)
Gui Borrato LIVE – (BR)
Aril Brikha LIVE – (SE)
Robert Babicz LIVE – (DE)
Terry Toner – (NL)
Roel H LIVE – (NL)
Applescal LIVE – (NL)
Dax vs Cloxkwork – (NL)
Groove Addicts – (NL)
Tron – (NL)

Drum Code:
Marco Bailey – (BE)
Christian Smith – (ES)
Oliver Ho – (GB)
Hardcell – (SE)
Agaric aka Patrick Skoog – (DE)
Perc – (GB)
Kyle Geiger – (US)
Peter Horrevorts – (NL)
MC Paul T

Toolroom Knights:
Mark Knight – (GB)
Dave Spoon – (GB)
D. Ramirez – (GB)
John Dahlbäck – (SE)
Shlomi Aber – (IL)
Funkagenda – (GB)
Martijn ten Velden – (NL)
Pete Griffiths – (GB)
Eugenio Ricci – (NL)

Gregor Salto Presents Bateria:
Gregor Salto (NL)
Dr Kucho (ES)
Mr V (US)
Sidney Samson (NL)
Madskillz (NL)
Leroy Styles (NL)
Georgio Schultz (NL)
D-Rashid (NL)
Lucien Foort (NL)
Groovenatics (NL)
Gers & Jerry Entonar (NL)
Melly Mel (NL)
MC Gee (NL)
MC Lady Bee (NL)

Stereo 70 presents:
Space DJ’s – (UK)
Murphy – (BR)
Torsten Kanzler – (DE)
DJ Ghost – (BE)
Kamikaze & Mr Eyes – The Jack Foundation – (CA)
Lukas – (BR)
Ogi – (HR)
Candy Cox – (BR)
Spark Taberner – (NL)
Quick & Smart LIVE – (DE)
Alex Kvitta LIVE – (DE)
Ivee LIVE – (CS)

DJ Jean presents Madhouse:
DJ Jean – (NL)
Tony Cha Cha – (NL)
Billy the Klit – (NL)
Rishi Romero – (NL)
Quintin – (NL)
Erik van Kleef – (NL)
Steff da Campo – (NL)
Mike S – (NL)
Miss Melody – (NL)
M.E.M. – (NL)
Spider – (NL)
Jurgen – (NL)
Row-D – (NL)
Miss Wendy – (NL)

Multigroove Classics:
Robert Armani – (US)
CJ Bolland – (BE)
Per – (NL)
Dano – (NL)
JP – (NL)
Miss Monica – (NL)
Micha B & Jordens – (NL)
P.C. Lexus – (NL)
Bounty Hunter LIVE – (BE)
Quazar LIVE – (NL)
Edge of Motion LIVE – (NL)

Wicked Jazz Sounds:
Phil Horneman (NL)
Leroy Rey (NL)
Missing Links (NL)
Mr Speak & Urvinson (NL)
Live Musicians

Gary’s Global Castle:
Gary Global (US)
$jammie the Money (IL)
Le Roi du Caise comtable (FR)
James Pomp (GB)
Square Pigeons (NO)
Wij Slicken (DE)
Vieze Zusjes (NL)
Glamourboy & Girl (GB)
Le Canon (FR)
Mixmeester Azrael (NL)
Discocaravan (BE)
The Revenge (IE)

What Is Happening Here:
Mulat (LEFTFLD) – (NL)
San Proper (The black disco bust) – (NL)
Kostas Hom (De Hiro returns) – (NL)
Saskia Rocks (Grow) – (NL)
Jean D’egbert (Cirque Excentrique) – (NL)
DiskoMachina (Moskow Diskow) – (NL)

Quick info:
Dance Valley Festival 2008, a Journey into Sound will be organised by UDC on July 12th 2008 between 10am and 11pm at recreational area Spaarnwoude [Gem. Velsen] in The Netherlands.
Start of ticket sales on the 26th of March.
Early ticket sales: €62,50
E-Tickets: www.udc.nl / www.dancevalley.com / www.ticketservice.nl

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