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Thursday 27th, December 2001
TiŽsto comments the Gouryella split-up

Trance.nu brought you the devastating news about the Gouryella split-up. But the Gouryella-story hasnít ended, hereís more trance.nu-exclusive news.

On the 19th of December, just a few days before Christmas, Trance.nu published an exclusive news-item about the Gouryella split-up. That news awoke many sad feelings among our visitors. But the story doesn't end there. This morning Arny Bink from Black Hole contacted Trance.nu and handed over a statement from no less than Dj TiŽsto himself. This is what Tijs has to say about the situation:

I regret the fact that Ferry and I don't have the time to make a new Gouryella. If you want to produce a good track you need to have time and at this moment we are both to busy to sit down together. The Purple Eye Record Company is pressuring for a new Gouryella single but I think you can't rush things. You can't just make a new Gouryella single in a day.
I am very busy with my own schedule, producing, remixing and touring around the world. So is Ferry. I have great respect for Ferry and think he is one of the best producers of electronic dance music in the world. He brought trance to a new level.

This takes me to the second issue,the review in Mixmag.
I never said the i am not just a new Ferry Corsten, my excact words were:
I have always been in the shadow of Ferry Corsten with my productions,
that's why i am proud on my "in my memory" album because i did that by
myself. The press always rewrites your words and they are always looking for
a new sensation.

So, we split up, but mainly because Purple Eye wanted a new Gouryella
single RIGHT NOW. This doesn't say we won't make a new Gouryella together in
the future, we are still good friends and I have great respect for Ferry

Happy New Year to everybody at Trance.nu,


Just a few minutes after this statement was handed to us another mail was sent to trance.nu, this time from Brian Dessaur at Purple Eye. He wanted to give trance.nu some additional information about Gouryella, namely that thereís a new Gouryella single to wait in the spring of 2002 on Purple Eye Entertainment.

According to Brian Dessaur this coming single will be produced without Tijs, but that doesnít say that Tijs wonít join up for the planned Gouryella album that is to be expected in 2002.

Oh dear, will this story get a happy ending? I know that there are millions of Gouryella-fans out there that sure want a happy ending to this trance-soap. Stay tuned at Trance.nu for more info about this matter.

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