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Wednesday 19th, December 2001
Gouryella split-up

The well-known producing duo Gouryella suffered a split when DJ Tiësto left the act.

Yes, none of us believed the news when we read it in the trance.nu forums yesterday. So trance.nu mailed Black Hole to get the rumours confirmed. Hopes were still there that this was just another nasty rumor. But hopes turned into tears when Black Hole’s Arny Bink dropped this line:

“I can confirm that Gouryella have split up, and although there will be new Gouryella tracks, Tiësto will no longer produce them. This is for artistical reasons only, Ferry and Tiësto are still good friends.”

After the article about Dj Tiëstos album “In my memory” in Mixmag’s November issue where Tiësto stepped on Ferry Corstens feet by saying “It’s great to show the world I’m not just another Ferry Corsten” many took the rumours about a possible Gouryella split as the result. But according to Purple Eye’s Brian Dessaur it’s not at all the background to the split of one of the scenes best acts.

“Due to the very busy scedule's of Ferry and Tijs, they aren't able to get together in the studio at the moment. This does not mean that there will never be a new Gouryella single in the near future.”

So, trance.nu are sad to deliver the news about the split of Gouryella; an act that has brought us both joy and tears with their three anthems ‘Gouryella’, ‘Walhalla’ and ‘Tenshi’.

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