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Thursday 28th, August 2003
3 Steps Ahead producer died

Peter-Paul Pigmans, the producer behind the hardcore project 3 Steps Ahead, died yesterday after 4 years of fighting against cancer...

Sad news for all hardcore fans: Peter-Paul Pigmans, one of Holland's most talented and respected hardcore producers, has passed away yesterday after 4 years of fighting against cancer...

Peter-Paul was the brain behind 3 Steps Ahead, a popular hardcore project. With this project he had hits like 'Drop It', 'Paint It Black', 'Step 1', 'In The Name Of Love' and 'It's Delicious'.

Yesterday at 14:15 PM, after an unfair fight from 4 years against cancer, Peter-Paul past away at the age of only 42...

His wife wrote a letter to all fans:

Today, 27th of August, Peter-Paul has died around 14:15 dutch time. After 4 years of fighting agains cancer, his body couldnt take it anymore. Until the last minute he was clearly and he was not fearing death, or planning to leave.

About a month ago there was a tribute party and Peter-Paul was very emotional because of the big amount of people that was on the party, not only the DJ's and Workers but also the fans.. Also he got over 175 mails from fans with a simple Chear up message or emotional stories. But also pieces of music or drawings. Its good that Peter-Paul has gone through all this and enjoyed it. Hij thought it was very special that there we're so many people still caring about him, althrough he didnt do anything with music for 3,5 years. From this spot, and i know im also talking because of him, i would like to thank you all. Because of the party we have done some things to cheer up the life of Peter-Paul in the hospital.. Like finally he had his own TV in the bedroom, where he has been for the last month. Yesterday we have watched Star Wars Episode II on the new DVD Surround Set (Cool).


Jessica de Wit
Lara en Ender Pigmans

Trance.nu would like to pay their respect to the family, friends and fans from Peter-Paul / 3 Steps Ahead and wish them all the best in those sad days...


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