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Wednesday 16th, July 2003
Thomas Jahnke (Cosmic Culture) died in a car accident

Very sad news... Thomas Jahnke, one of the producers behind the act Cosmic Culture, died 2 days ago in a car accident...

In the early morning from Sunday the 13th of July, Thomas Jahnke, one of the producers behind the Cosmic Culture project, died in a tragically car accident at the age of only 20 years old... His musical partner Axel Jäger is still in the hospital.

German DJ / producer / remixer Thomas Jahnke (a.k.a. Scott Cordan) and Axel Jäger (a.k.a. Alex Megane) were the brains behind the Cosmic Culture project. This year they released their first track 'Our Future' as Cosmic Culture at Illuminate Records (Drizzly). Their latest release was a remix for the Klubbingman track 'No Limit (On The Beach)'

Trance.nu would like to pay their respect to the family, friends and fans from Thomas and wish them all the best in those sad days...


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