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Monday 13th, October 2008
Interview with Steve Anderson

With his new solo single “Neve” due for imminent release on Mondo Records, remixing for the likes of DT8 Project plus launching a brand new label, we thought it was about time we caught up with one half of the superb A/B Project duo, Steve Anderson…


t.nu: Hi Steve, how are you doing?

SA: I’m excellent thanks, working on new music in the studio as usual – so no complaints!

t.nu: For those you haven’t come across you so far, can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

SA: Sure. Well as far as my full time career goes I form one half of A/B Project along with Chris Breame, I own/run DJSA Records & SAME Recordings from Edinburgh, Scotland – and I’ve been a club DJ since 1994. Prior to that I was a drummer in various bands, and have a lifelong love of boxing. Working in music is my passion, and a couple of years back I packed in my day job (which I loathed) to pursue my music career 100% – now focusing on production, radio, the labels and DJ work – which consumes all my time!

t.nu: Under the A/B Project guise, you work alongside fellow production cohort Chris Breame. How did this come about?

SA: I ran a monthly Trance promotion in Edinburgh in 2004, and had an email from Chris prior to one of the nights saying that he would be coming to meet me and hand me some music. He did just that, and we clicked straight off. I released a couple of Chris’s early tracks, and we got together in the studio to throw some ideas about. Ever since then we get together a couple of times a week to work on A/B Project material, and each session is always great fun and productive.

t.nu: We’ve already seen several massive releases under the A/B Project guise, most recently “Another Time” and “Relentless” – what’s next in store for everyone from A/B Project?

SA: The Another Time EP gained great support and reviews again, which naturally we’re delighted about. Earlier this year we did a remix for DJSA Records, and we’ve just wrapped up the new track “Adversity”. We try to come up with something new each time to surprise people, so hopefully everyone likes what’s on the way from A/B Project again very soon.

t.nu: “Neve” is the title of your latest solo release – tell us a bit about that and how the name came about?

SA: Firstly the title is the name of my mischievous 5yo niece, who regularly visits and takes over my studio! I decided late last year to do a vocal track, and wrote it whilst DJing abroad. Neve had seen my vinyl mounted in the studio and asked me for her own – so my mind was made up. I wrote the track for and about her, and the story of the track is how she brings a smile to my face when she’s around. When I first said to Chris that I was going to sing on the track he laughed and we had a giggle about it – but I had the last laugh shortly after, when he suggested that I do vocals on the new A/B track “Adversity”!


t.nu: “Neve” has just been released on Mondo Records, what can you tell us about the package?

SA: The Original, Instrumental and Santerna Mixes are available now on 12” Vinyl from http://www.mondorecords.com/ , and Beatport currently have an exclusive on the digital release All three mixes compliment each other well and provide something for everyone, Santerna did a great job with the remix which provides a really cool alternative take.

t.nu: What are you working on in the studio right now?

SA: The follow up to “Neve” titled “Before Long” will be released on High Contrast later this year, and I’ve wrapped up my two remixes for the forthcoming DT8 Project single “As The Days Grow Old” which is out soon on Mondo. There is also the new A/B Project single “Adversity” with Chris which includes my vocal, and I’m currently finalising the new Steve Anderson track “Closer” while also working on a new A/B Project track with Chris.

t.nu: Aside from the production schedule, you have a very popular radio show – tell us more!

SA: I started the show as a podcast in 2006, and until this summer it ran every three weeks at iTunes. The show now has a five-figure audience, and after many requests I decided to run this twice a month. It now takes on the new format “The SAME Radio Show”, and is available on various FM radio stations globally, DI.FM Trance Channel every second Tuesday of the month, and remains at iTunes as a podcast. On the show I bring listeners first plays of new Steve Anderson/A/B Project tracks, and showcase the best in Trance. I also have phone guests on each show, and it’s completely free to subscribe to at iTunes. Just be sure to excuse my Scottish accent throughout!


t.nu: You are one of the selected DJ’s on the roster of the newly launched “Mondo DJ’s” Artist Management Agency in London. What will this involve for you?

SA: As you may have guessed, Mondo DJ’s are in conjunction with Mondo Records in London owned by Darren Tate. Many people reading this will only know me from my productions or the radio show/podcast, but I actually have 15 years club DJ experience under my belt. After a busy period in the studio, I’m looking forward to getting back into the clubs and hopefully playing near everyone who has sent me messages recently. There are some great plans in course for Mondo DJs in 2009, which I will be heavily involved in. Behind the decks is where I really belong.

t.nu: Your label DJSA Records has had huge success and support in the last 12 months. How do you plan to develop things there, and tell us about your new label “SAME Recordings”?

SA: I am fully committed to growing our music and artists, with major support from the big DJ’s meaning we’ve had a great year. Dan Kandi’s remix of Deep Psychosis has been one of our most successful releases, and almost a year after release it remains in Armins record box. I recently set up “SAME”, which from 2009 will act as the umbrella banner for new labels SAME Recordings & SAME Progressive – and also other works such as the SAME Radio Show. There are some exciting things on the way, so check out all of the websites regularly.

t.nu: Do you see yourself doing any collaborations in the near future, and have you anything in the pipeline on this front?

SA: When working with Chris we favour a driving, uplifting sound - which is right up my street and so won’t be stopping any time soon. Under the Steve Anderson guise I want to keep things varied, and a track with a female vocalist is high on the list. I think that any collab I enter into would need to be under the same studio roof for it to work for me, in the manner I do with Chris. I knew a duo that passed track files back and forward online, but only one of them was actually producing – and the other was simply taking credit! I’m always open to new ideas though, so I suppose don’t rule anything out.

t.nu: You mention possibly working with a vocalist, and on your recent tracks you delivered the vocals yourself. Have you sung before, or was it an experiment that happened to work out?

SA: Well I knew I could sing in tune, but really I just gave it a go in the studio to see how it turned out. One of my closest friends is Terry Ferminal, and he immediately loved “Neve” when I let him hear the early draft. Male vocals are sometimes frowned upon, unless you pull something off which captures people. With “Neve”, I believe that what people love is the story behind the track, along with the simple melody. I receive messages from people worldwide saying how much they love the song, which made me see I really connected with it. I will do more vocals ongoing, but want to try and ensure they carry the right qualities each time. When I listen to a vocal I like to be pulled in, and someone I consistently like is Jaren. I think she’s a great vocalist and always delivers with real quality.

t.nu: So a few non-music questions now, what do you like to do when you’re not working?

SA: In days gone by it was Boxing, I lived and breathed the sport for years and still follow it. I recently got my wife and I a kitten, so he keeps me entertained when I take a break from music – which isn’t actually very often! I still try to hit the gym too, though I don’t train anything like when I boxed. These days my hands are full getting beaten up by Neve and her younger brother..

t.nu: Do you have any annoying habits, or weaknesses towards anything?

SA: My annoying habit is that I’m a tidy freak, I like things to be in their place. As for weaknesses I adore Indian food, and I drink far too much diet coke than could possibly be good for me!


t.nu: So we see you used to compete as a boxer, was this your sport and are there any others?

SA: In my teens I won medals for Judo, and I played five-a-side football for a few years after that. In the nineties my passion for boxing really took over and I studied the art closely, trained daily and also won silverware along the way. I used to be decent at snooker too, and while recently chatting with Daniel Kandi on the phone I discovered that he is the reigning national champion in Denmark. I’m sure there is a challenge match in there to be had sometime!

t.nu: What upsets you or makes you angry?

SA: Simple, people lacking respect for others. I have time for absolutely anyone, but cannot stand by and watch people have a go at others thinking they can get away with it. I speak up first every time in these situations, I don’t ever accept people pulling stuff like that.

t.nu: And the customary most embarrassing moment?

SA: In the DJ booth it’s the usual things early in my career – lifting the wrong needle in a busy club, or the track running out while cueing in the headphones, we’ve all done it! Outside of music, there were a few tasks I had to carry out on my stag weekend this year – but those details are most definitely being withheld!

t.nu: What tips would you give for budding Producers and DJ’s?

SA: Don’t EQ your tracks at 4am through headphones after a 12 hour studio shift! Haha.. Seriously though, it’s all about finding your own feet and developing a sound of your own. Of course follow the rules of production, but let your ideas guide you other than that. Sticking with a rigid formula isn’t something I ever wanted to do.

t.nu: Lastly what should people go out and buy right now?

SA: “Neve” of course(!), but most importantly whatever you do - please pay for your music and support the scene. The artists put a lot into it to give everyone the fantastic music that we have around today, and the price of music is great value in comparison to years gone by - considering what you actually get for your money.

t.nu: Thanks for talking to us Steve, you have a lot going on and we wish you every success in the coming months with all of your projects. Many thanks from Trance.nu?

SA: Thanks to you for asking me over, it’s always a pleasure being here - I visit the site regularly to catch up and read the features etc. Finally a million thanks to everyone who continually shows me their ongoing support, it really means the world. I’ll hopefully see you all somewhere soon in the clubs for a chat, a beer – and plenty good music.. cheers! Steve


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