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This is trance.nu
Updated: Wednesday 25th, July 2007 09:45:44

Trance.nu started back in 1999 as a vision. A central, global place for trance enthusiasts to gather and talk about the music they are so passionate about. Created by the very people that love trance and electronic music the goal was simple; to educate others about the trance scene in an informative and legal way.

From a simple website with free email and sub domains, trance.nu grew to offer news, vinyl reviews and a collection of electronic music related links. After mailing several labels and artists two of the first individuals that showed interest were Armin van Buuren and Misja Helsloot. After interviewing these dj’s and producers, trance.nu’s news and interview section took off in a fury. Armin and Misja are no strangers to the site and still actively participate through various programs such as Armin’s A State of Trance - Future Favorite program – where users can vote for their favorite track on trance.nu and Armin will announce and play it on his next show. Misja is also still very much involved and has launched a new series of trance events called Create that will be hosted at venues in or around Amsterdam. Over the years trance.nu has organized other parties in the Netherlands with the likes of Rank 1, Signum, Airwave, and more. Producers Airbase and Inzite released the “Trance.nu” theme with a remix by Cosmicman and a later “winter theme” released offering a new sound.

As our relations with the trance scene grew, so did the amount of news items, interviews, and most importantly our users. Trance.nu now boasts a user count fast approaching 65,000. More and more staff were added to the site to keep up with the demand. Now over 3,500 news items, 1,250 vinyl reviews, and more than 50 interviews. Relying entirely on volunteers to run the site, trance.nu has given so much to the electronic dance scene and asked for nothing in return.

Constantly striving to out do ourselves, trance.nu worked hard and launched version 3 of the site in the summer of 2001. Bigger and better forums, competitions, user pages, lyrics, tutorials and more! Users could now tell more about themselves advertise their own music and help work towards our goal – promoting trance music. Many professional DJ’s and Producers alike frequent the forums, exchanging ideas or commenting on each other’s work. The birth of digital download sites did not come soon enough, as an organization that has always supported legal downloads and has taken quite a stance against illegal mp3 trading, we are proud to offer our own trance mp3 chart on www.beatport.com – one of the leading download sites for electronica in the world.

Over the years trance.nu has become a global brand. Seen on t-shirts and flyers at parties around the world everybody who knows trance knows trance.nu. With over 20 million hits per month, over 450,000 unique visitors and advertising campaigns reaching over 4 million people world-wide trance.nu has secured a position above the rest. Last year the site celebrated another milestone winning the title of “Best Trance Website” for the second year in a row at the Trance Awards.

Summer 2007 has given way to a new era in Trance.nu history. Thanks largely to Tommie, with help from Druid and filterchild the site has launched the next version after years of development. Bringing back the much acclaimed MyPage, karma, and adding new features such as Gallery which links to Flickr, Toplist where you can use an AudioScrobbler and last.fm to list the tunes you're listening to, dynamic site content, user avatars, and more... All this with the same goal in mind - to continue to build the biggest and best Trance community on Earth.

Welcome to trance.nu.

/ The Trance.nu staff.

Written by:
Kevin Turner

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