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Monday 03rd, August 2009
The Thrillseekers News // August 2009
Updated: Thursday 06th, August 2009

Artists: August news and info from The Thrillseekers inc. new production tutorial series, latest Chicane remix & 1st Birthday for the NightMusicPodcast!

Thrillseekers Remix Of Chicane’s ‘Poppiholla’… Out Now.

Returning like a much missed prodigal son, Steve’s remix 'homecoming' continues apace with the release of his 3rd (or 4th depending on how you want to count ‘em!) Chicane rework. On the receiving end of a mighty hammering from Ferry, Armin and PVD, ‘Poppiholla’ has been working loose floor tiles and wearing down clubber’s shoe rubber over the last 2 months. If you’ve been waiting to pick up Steve’s remix-opus, you needn't wait but a minute longer! Its available now as an iTunes exclusive.

Step By Step: How ‘Poppi’ Was Made To Hollar!

Already rather well known for his detailed and highly intricate remixes, Steve multi-layered remapping of ‘Poppihola’ ranks as his most in-depth & complex production yet. Laid out of a staggering 100 Cubase tracks, it’s as finer example as exists as to how he achieves his extraordinary sound. To mark the occasion Steve’s produced a thoroughly insightful production video tutorial which will give all your studio-heads out there the blow-by-blow of its three-week-long (heh, Rome wasn’t built in a day either!) production process. Head over to www.youtube.com/thrilltube to check it out.

It’s That Time Again!

There’s a kazillion different charts measuring the wonderful wide world of dance now (though we’re still waiting for Mongolia’s Top 1000 V.J.s to launch!). However there’s still none more influential than DJ Magazine’s annual vote-cyclone. Steve’s been in the in the Top 100 DJs countdown for the last 3 years and we’d love to see him do 4! So, if you’ve enjoyed The Thrillseekers' contributions to the scene over the past year, we’d certainly welcome your support!

Night Music Podcast – Hot August Edition Online Now!

Since the debut show last year the NightMusicPodcast has made a big splash in the electronic dance music radio show spectrum. Already broadcast on 25 stations around the world, it quickly became an iTunes download smash! If for some reason you’ve not yet checked it, waste not another momento. You can NMP's 1st Birthday especially extended 90 minute August audio injection now. Featuring highlights from Steve's gig at the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium last weekend, it's available by clicking http://www.thethrillseekers.co.uk/podcast.

Twitter Yee Do! Thrillseekers On Twitter.

Up there and micro-blogging with the best of them for a good few months now, Steve has been keeping the world and his wife up-to-date with all his, gigs, remixes and general runnings via Twitter. If you’ve not done so already, hit that all-powerful ‘follow’ button now and get all the future info + his thoughts, musings and ponderings on the world at large! www.twitter.com/stevehelstrip

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