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Friday 17th, October 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.10.17

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.10.10. Timezones has been added ... It's about time!

This new version, It's about time , include one major update.

Timezones introduced
Yes, we've finally introduced timezones to trance.nu. Simply go to your profile settings and set it to your current timezone. Notice that the default timezone is GMT+1 unless you set it to something else.

While we've struggled to do this change on every section of the website, it's quite possible that we've missed some places. Don't hesitate and notify us about it using our bug-tracker.

- 0000483: [mypage] Add Timezone to registration (tommie)
- 0000482: [content] Top-date should indicate GMT-setting (tommie)
- 0000481: [core] Allow users to user their own timezone (tommie)
- 0000479: [core] gzip output to increase speed (tommie)

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