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Friday 10th, October 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.10.10

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.10.10. Wiki support for Lyrics and a custom google search for the forums has been added.

This new version, Wakeup Wiki , include one major update.

Wiki Support in content (lyric)
Yep, starting with the lyric section, we now allow our members (not quests) to edit our content without any verification and/or moderation for the staff. The system is very wiki-alike with revisions and it's even possible for members to revert lyrics to older versions to delete any spam/vandalism that occur. Please notice that the initial lyric-submission will be cued for approval by a staff-member. After that, it's open for everyone to edit.

This is somewhat of a experiment as we intend to allow our users to edit more of our content in the future, but we'd like to see how well this features is accepted by the community.

Future features include compare of revisions, basically mimic what Wikipedia has done.

- 0000470: [content] Build Annual toplist (tommie)
- 0000469: [forum] Add google custom search module support (tommie)
- 0000467: [content] Fix space after | in titles on profile modules (tommie)
- 0000473: [lyrics] Add edit lyrics support via wiki-interface (tommie)
- 0000472: [lyrics] Add omgWiki support to view_lyrics (tommie)
- 0000471: [wiki] Build unified wiki support (tommie)
- 0000463: [activity] Missing interviews (tommie)

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