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Tuesday 29th, July 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.07.29

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.07.29. Maintenance release.

This is primary a maintenance release, addressing some old bugs and oddities. But we also added the following features:

* Members with more than 1000 logins get their own little badge on their mypage
* Page titles has been reworked
* Recent portraits added to the community page (legacy)
* It's now possible to read a users presentation without leaving the profile-page
* Longer status updates on the profile-page

- 0000466: [content] Major overhaul of page-titles (tommie)
- 0000464: [content] Proper titles on pages (tommie)
- 0000462: [content] Missing interviews / suggestion (tommie)
- 0000459: [mypage] Give badge to everyone with 1000+ unique logins (tommie)
- 0000450: [mypage_community] Add recent portrait (tommie)
- 0000448: [activity] Group the same actions (tommie)
- 0000447: [activity] Add timestamp to the list (tommie)
- 0000449: [activity] Add support for Status Updates (tommie)
- 0000415: [mypage] Show presentation via button on mypage (tommie)
- 0000452: [mypage_activity] Remove empty status updates (tommie)
- 0000454: [mypage_activity] Limit to 5 days (tommie)
- 0000453: [mypage_info] Show longer status updates in profiles (tommie)

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