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Wednesday 18th, June 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.06.18
Updated: Thursday 19th, June 2008

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.06.18. MyPage for everyone and Activity added.

This new version include two major updates.

MyPages available to the public
The first one is that we've opened the MyPages to the wider public. This means that even guest-users can view your mypage now. The reason for this is to enable some forthcoming features which will be introduced this fall. Its only the "frontpage" that is public though, all subsequent modules such as guestbook, pm, friends, gallery etc are for members only and the guest need to login to view it.

If you wish to limit your MyPage to only trance.nu member (as it was before this release), simply go to your mypage settings and set MyPage Access to Only Members.

Do notice that the default behavior is everyone, so it's and opt out kind of situation here.

Yeah, we don't mind if you scream "omg facebook ripoff" regarding this function, because it is - more or less - a copycat of facebooks "Feed"-function. The Activity keeps track of what your friends has been up to.

We've intentionally enabled this feature for a limited set of functions on the site, simply because we wish to calculate how "spammy" this feature will be. Future features include forum-support, ignore certain actions and much more.

The current functions which are included in the Activity is:
* Guestbook (when any of your friends write in another members guestbook)
* Portraits (your friend updates his/hers portrait)
* Presentation (your friend updates his/hers presentation)
* Relationships (your friend change relationship with someone)
* Status Updates(when your friend change status)

- 0000446: [mypage] Revoke close mypage, only limit to worldwide and members (tommie)
- 0000445: [mypage] Notice user if MyPage is completely turned off (tommie)
- 0000433: [mypage_messages] Force subject on PMs (tommie)
- 0000443: [activity] Change to general metadata (tommie)
- 0000444: [mypage] Remove send message and add friend if it's a guest (tommie)
- 0000429: [mypage] Notify user if they're not logged in while viewing a mypage (tommie)
- 0000430: [mypage] Limit access to mypages via setting (tommie)
- 0000432: [mypage_edit] Support mypage settings for access (tommie)
- 0000431: [mypage] Add limited template (tommie)
- 0000428: [mypage] Open MyPages to the public
- 0000441: [mypage_activity] Create Activity presentation layer (tommie)
- 0000442: [mypage] Restructure meny to allow more choices (tommie)
- 0000437: [activity] Control Activity trough general settings (tommie)
- 0000436: [mypage_portrait] Log new portraits to Activity (tommie)
- 0000435: [activity] Create activity-logic (tommie)
- 0000440: [activity] Add activity support on new relationships (tommie)
- 0000439: [activity] Add activity support on presentation (tommie)
- 0000438: [mypage_guestbook] Add activity support on completed post (tommie)

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