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Friday 13th, June 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.06.13

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.06.13. Lyrics are back, finally!

Yeah, we know - it took us a good while to get the lyrics back on the road. But fear no more, it's there and its better than ever. New features include filtering on submitter, a working submission system (!), slight redesign and better lists.

All lyrics that was submitted since v4 was released is there and we've got all intentions to getting this section back on track.

Future features include better filtering support, approved submissions is calculated in the karma, change request and much more.

New features
* Lyrics are finally back in full force
* Bugfixes and small updates.

- 0000420: [lyrics] Show related lyrics (tommie)
- 0000422: [lyrics] Send notice to staff-list on lyric submission (tommie)
- 0000423: [lyrics] More detailed submitter information (tommie)
- 0000426: [lyrics] Show more lyrics by submitter (tommie)
- 0000427: [lyrics] Add date to "recently added lyrics" (tommie)
- 0000419: [admin] Use santized urls with lyric information (tommie)
- 0000413: [lyrics] Make lyrics work (tommie)

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