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Friday 06th, June 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.06.06

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.06.06. Module preparations, general maintenance and various bugfixes.

This version is mainly a maintenance release where we address certain bugs on the site. We've made preparations to release our new modular system (preview at Tommies profile) and it's now possible to end relationships.

New features
* End relationships (done via your friends-page)
* Share This-button on content
* Loads of bugfixes and small updates.

- 0000344: [mypage_friends] Allow users to end friendship with other users (tommie)
- 0000411: [content] Categories not showing up on interviews (tommie)
- 0000410: [content] Template support in interviews (tommie)
- 0000407: [mypage_modules] Hook modules into profiles (tommie)
- 0000408: [mypage_modules] Display active modules on mypage, if its your own - show module managment (tommie)
- 0000409: [menu] Add modular support to template (tommie)
- 0000397: [content] Smoothly spelled wrong (tommie)
- 0000398: [content] Add "share this" buttons to news, reviews and interviews (tommie)
- 0000395: [forum] OnMouseOver portrait popup in forums (tommie)
- 0000394: [mypage_portrait] Change base portrait size to 154x200 px (tommie)
- 0000393: [forum] Signatures should be smaller than the content font (tommie)
- 0000392: [content] Next/Prev functions on images (tommie)
- 0000405: [admin] Improve layout for IE (tommie)
- 0000399: [bigbrother] Add signatures to BigBrother (tommie)

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