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Wednesday 09th, April 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.04.09
Updated: Friday 06th, June 2008

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.04.09. Interiwki linking and various bugfixes.

This version (Woobly Wiki [w]) is mainly a maintenance release where we address certain bugs on the site. We've also added Wiki [w] linking in both content and on the forums.

New features
* Interwiki linking
* Quick preview in the galleries
* Forum-font changed to our content typography
* Loads of bugfixes and small updates.

- 0000383: [content] Hook wiki in forums and implement in admin via button (tommie)
- 0000386: [mypage] [mypage_register] Can't register / melodia error (only on dev.trance.nu) (tommie)
- 0000385: [mypage] XHTML (really) broken in register/verify (druid)
- 0000376: [content] Imagesettings are not saved in the form on save (druid)
- 0000375: [content] Setting img w/h to null don't autosize to image size (druid)
- 0000365: [mypage_guestbook] Notification via mail on new guestbook entry (druid)
- 0000384: [content] Move footer-content into a block (tommie)
- 0000380: [mypage_gallery] Full view directly from mini-previews (tommie)
- 0000378: [content] Allow interwiki linking (tommie)
- 0000366: [content] Resize content-images via imgserver (tommie)
- 0000391: [forum] Change font-size to match rest of the site (tommie)
- 0000387: [content] CSS errors (tommie)
- 0000356: [error] 404 when logging in from watched topic e-mail link (druid)

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