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Friday 14th, March 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.03.14
Updated: Wednesday 09th, April 2008

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.03.14. Some default behavior has been changed in this version, please read the article.

This version (Restricting Rabbits) introduces the settings-features to trance.nu. It's now possible to the access limit various sections of your MyPage and how the site notify you. Due to this new functionality, some of the default behavior on the site has changed.

You previously got emails when you received Pm and/or GB messages or when someone read your sent PM, this settings is now default to OFF - which means that you need to reactivate it if you wish to get those notifications. Please head over to you MyPage Settings to set it to your preferred settings.

Future version of trance.nu will automatically add more settings to this section, so make sure to check back for each new release.

New features
* MyPage limitations
* Settings
* Forum updates (goto page and slight redesign)
* Loads of bugfixes and small updates.

- 0000371: [forum] Redesign forumtop to allow pagination (tommie)
- 0000323: [mypage_messages] Mass mode edit on messages (tommie)
- 0000335: [mypage] Allow to users to customize access to their mypage (tommie)
- 0000360: [mypage_messages] Add limit notification to messages (tommie)
- 0000368: [forum] Update cache on remove (tommie)
- 0000370: [forum] Edit topic title dont update the cache (tommie)
- 0000369: [mypage_messages] Use img resizer on portraits (tommie)
- 0000367: [mypage_messages] Preselect 10 to avoid error (tommie)
- 0000201: [content] More page numbers on big topics (tommie)
- 0000364: [mypage_guestbook] Reply allows more than 255 characters (tommie)
- 0000363: [mypage_friends] Spelling error (Minutess) (tommie)

(No rabbits were harmed during the development of this version)

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