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Friday 11th, January 2008
Trance.nu v4 - 08.01.11

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 08.01.11, read inside for changes.

Trance.nu v4 08.01.11 introduces the much anticipated friends-function which has been "currently offline" for about 4 years. The database has been wiped and is now ready to approve any new relation you might have.

Also, notice that the possibility to add and/or change relation with your friends are coming at a later date.

We've also listened to our community and removed the "is" from status-updates.

New features
* Users can now create relationships
* Notifications has been activated
* "is" removed from status-updates
* MyPage has been recoded to only show modules which you have activated
* Presentation moved into its own module to support more information on the profile
* Loads of bugfixes and small updates.

- 0000317: [admin] Cannot create topics when special characters in the title (tommie)
- 0000333: [mypage_friends] Allow members to make friend-connections (tommie)
- 0000334: [mypage_friends] Set relationship on friends (tommie)
- 0000265: [content] Review - formatting doesn't show through on high priority reviews (tommie)
- 0000277: [mypage] Forum truncate end at word, not strlen (tommie)
- 0000279: [admin] Escape titles before inserting into database in content (tommie)
- 0000301: [admin] cannot create discussion thread (tommie)
- 0000315: [admin] Add link to posted content (tommie)
- 0000338: [mypage_guestbook] Make the meny hit-area larger (tommie)
- 0000337: [content] Automatically create link in forum to new content (tommie)
- 0000249: [admin] Problems posting interviews (tommie)
- 0000336: [mypage_info] Mouseover fullversion of the portrait (tommie)
- 0000332: [mypage] Rework all optional mypage-modules to show them when they're activated (tommie)
- 0000331: [mypage_friends] List your own friends in your profile (tommie)
- 0000268: [core] Pagination is remembered between modules (tommie)
- 0000328: [mypage_friends] Initial mypage_friends checkin (tommie)
- 0000329: [mypage] Dont make "is" mandatory in status updates (tommie)
- 0000327: [mypage] Rework mypage to make space for future modules (tommie)
- 0000324: [mypage_gallery] Show fullversion as lightbox (tommie)
- 0000325: [mypage_info] Show portrait in header (tommie)
- 0000278: [forum] Forum admin broken (tommie)
- 0000295: [mypage] Rebuild mypage-logic to support community-page (tommie)
- 0000298: [mypage_community] Create mypage community (tommie)

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