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Monday 08th, October 2007
Trance.nu v4 - 07.10.08

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 07.10.08, read inside for changes.

Trance.nu v4 07.10.08 mainly focuses on major changes into the MyPage section. The complete section has been re-structured and some meny-items has been moved around.

New Features:
- MyPage structure overhaul
- Community-page has been created
- Last Login on MyPages
- Forum will properly link down into topics
- Various settings moved into a "settings"-meny
- TopList renamed into Scrobbler on MyPages.
- Minor face-lift on "Your Account"-box.

Complete changelog:
- 0000305: [news] Wrong date on news-index (tommie)
- 0000297: [menu] Enable support for arranged submenus (tommie)
- 0000308: [mypage] Create settings in the menu (tommie)
- 0000307: [mypage_info] Add last-login to mypage (tommie)
- 0000306: [mypage] Rearrange mypage stars (tommie)
- 0000299: [menu] Re-arrange for mypage community
- 0000293: [mypage] Deny space in usernames (tommie)
- 0000291: [forum] Topic are not linking down to post (druid)
- 0000290: [mypage] Move MyPage menu (tommie)
- 0000287: [backtrack] Topics are not shown correctly in backtrack (tommie)
- 0000288: [page] Spotlight missing data since patch (tommie)
- 0000292: [mypage_scrobbler] Rebrand toplist into Scrobbler (tommie)

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