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Friday 14th, September 2007
Trance.nu v4 - 07.09.14

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 07.09.14, read inside for changes.

New Features:
- Notifications in forums are back, check the setting here
- Help us, we need donations to cover our server-expenses, more info here
- Massive overhaul of the html for IE.
- Various bugfixes.

Complete changelog:
- 0000284: [karma] Invalid karma on send gb/pm for new users (tommie)
- 0000276: [core] Exclude searchbots in online statistics (tommie)
- 0000273: [admin] HTML formatting broken in ALL news articles. (tommie)
- 0000281: [forum] Topic-notification is missing (tommie)
- 0000283: [content] Layout bug in Internet Explorer (druid)
- 0000251: [mypage_messages] Quotation dont work in messages (druid)
- 0000244: [usermanagement] Sanitize usernames, make ruleset. (tommie)
- 0000256: [content] Make interviews more visible on the frontpage (tommie)

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