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Monday 30th, July 2007
Trance.nu v4 - 07.07.30

Trance.nu v4 has been updated to version 07.07.30, read inside for changes.

New features
- Broadcasts are now notified via messages-icon
- Broadcasts will have priority, if you have one broadcast and one message, it will take you to the broadcast first.
- Compose message has been changed to allow wider composing-field.
- The visitorlog now show the time rather than date if it's the same day.
- Forum-links in content-items shows number of posts.
- Loads of bugs squished

- 0000243: [mypage_messages] Make subject and message on their own rows to allow wider messages in send-message mode (druid)
- 0000240: [mypage_messages] Broadcast should throw notification (druid)
- 0000241: [mypage] Include broadcast in notification-check (druid)
- 0000242: [mypage_info] Show timestamp on todays visitors in the log (tommie)
- 0000239: [content] Show number of forum replies after forum topic link (druid)
- 0000232: [mypage_messages] PM notification - Correction needed (druid)
- 0000234: [content] Drafts should be shown on the live-site for staff-member(s) (druid)
- 0000230: [content] Drafts should not create a topic (druid)
- 0000231: [mypage_messages] Clicking on a users name in sent-items takes you to sent items (druid)
- 0000214: [forum] Forum Administration Panel - Access Denied (tommie)
- 0000246: [core] Clearing status gives error: False (popup window) (tommie)
- 0000163: [admin] 'Add Image' button under "Images" tab in admin when adding new article doesn't open pop-up window in Safari (druid)
- 0000206: [mypage_info] Birthday - "day/month/year" format not clear (druid)
- 0000233: [usermanagement] Editing status message of other account. (tommie)

Written by:
Tommie Podzemski

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