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Monday 01st, October 2007
trance.nu introduces tracked toplist

Trance.nu: trance.nu introduces the worlds first edm-related billboard. Not only being first, trance.nu's version got a little twist as well: The list is generated based on what it's users are listening to on their computers, ipods and other portable media.

Unlike all other toplist charts or billboards, trance.nu tracks what people actually listen to - rather than base the toplist solely on sales charts. Using the state-of-the-art technology called Audioscrobbler, trance.nu index the weekly submitted tracks played and weight these against each other. Based on this, trance.nu can generate a fairly reliable toplist of what's hot in the trance/edm business today. With it's wide spectra of users scattered all across the world - the chart gives a unique insight into the heads and minds of the listeners.

In it's initial releases, trance.nu will allow other music than just edm-tracks to appear on the list. This is an aware strategy as we wish to see which adjacent genres the edm-scene listenens to. Naturally, if those tracks are to conquer the majority of the list, we will apply a filter which exessivly track just edm. Worth mentioning is that we also keep an eye unique tracks - given correct volume; trance.nu might introduce various tools for measuring trends across the scene.

All member of trance.nu can join this project, Just make sure login or register to trance.nu. Then go to your profile settings and insert your last.fm username into the Audioscrobbler-field. Your listens should pop up on next weeks list.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the list at:

Written by:
Tommie Podzemski

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