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Wednesday 28th, May 2008
Trance.nu introduces data-access via APIs

Trance.nu: Trance.nu's main goal is to promote trance-music, and we've currently been busy with building our API (interface for external sites to grab our data). The initiative behind this is simple; we want to spread trance and the scene as much as possible. We're starting off easy with access to our toplists and a brand new Facebook application! Update: More feeds.

Update: The api has been updated with three new feeds. They're available at http://api.trance.nu/.


A lot of exiting things are planned for this summer, we're opening up parts of our site to be access via other website and we've also joined the OpenSocial initiative.

While we're not only joined the OpenSocial alliance, we've also been busy building our own API - making it possible for other website to gain access to our data. While its still in it's womb, it's mature enough to be presented into the wide public. The API , which in it's current for are pretty limited, is available here:


Using this API (more exactly the datafeeds) it's now possible to relay our weekly top 15 of artists on your Facebook profile. While this might not be the most exiting application out there, it's a nice showcase of what can be done with and the possibilities with this functionality. You can find (and install) the application here:

Trance.nu Top 15 Artists Application
Please notice that you will need a Facebook account to install it.

So the ball is rolling, if anyone is up the challenge, go and create a similar application for any of the other social networks out there!

Good luck!

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