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Wednesday 09th, May 2001
Oakenfold TV and Film Scores

Currently working in Los Angeles in attempt to crack the American market, Oakenfold has been working on production and scores for upcoming TV and film soundtracks.

Last year, the popular Big Brother (UK), had title music courtesy of Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray, under the alias Element 4. With the coming of a new series set to begin later this month, Oakenfold has worked on a remix of the track ready for the show.<p>
The trance legend has made numerous appearance on other show and film musical credits, including The Hurricane, and will score the music on the film Swordfish. A action/thriller starring John Travolta which sees the worlds most dangerous spy hired to coerce a computer hacker released from prison, to help steal 6 billion dollars of unused government funds. Film release: 8th June 2001 (USA). The soundtrack will feature an array of original material, incidental tracks along with exclusive remixes from Oakenfold. CD release: May 29th 2001.

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