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Monday 25th, June 2007
Nightmusic 2 track by track review by Steve Helstrip himself!

Exclusive for Trance.nu Steve 'The Thrillseekers' Helstrip himself reviewed his new mix album 'Nightmusic 2' track by track! Check inside!

Today Steve Helstrip, a.k.a. 'The Thrillseekers' released the follow up to the acclaimed debut compilation 'Night Music'. Over two discs
and mixes, 'Vol. 2' will once again digitally capture the pure fission of 'The
' in the mix. Disc One titled Plus Three Six Five casts the
farthest reaching view possible into new dance music. The mix promises to be diverse, imaginative and will feature, exclusively the new 'The Thrillseekers'
single! Minus Three Six Five reverses the direction and looks back at the underground anthems that have dominated 'Seekers sets over the last year. The disc ultimately will become the 'yearbook' of the music that came to encapsulate Steve's unique, floor-rocking sound.

Trance.nu exclusive: Especially for you we have Steve Helstrip’s track-by-track guide to the new music on The Thrillseekers new ‘Night Music Vol 2’ which is out today:

The Thrillseekers Feat. Aruna ‘Waiting Here For You’ (Adjusted Music)
The opening piece comes from someone who calls himself The Thrillseekers! For this track I really wanted to revisit the style, or feel, of trance that got me hooked in the first place – the classy, laid back and euphoric stuff – but approach the production with sounds very much associated with now. A sprinkling of Aruna’s dreamy vocal for taste and the job, it seems, is a good ‘un!

Lange ‘Angel Falls’ (Firewall Remix) (Lange Recordings)
Stepping the gear up slightly, ‘Angel Falls’ has a chunky, techier vibe to it, but still has moments of sheer bliss. I just love the breakdowns and the way this track develops. Nothing overcomplicated, just good, solid production and simple melodies which Lange makes light work of.

Misja Vs Jasper ‘Project: Project’ (Adjusted Music)
I love the contrast in ‘Project: Project’. The main part is a nasty, distorted lead, but set against what is otherwise quite a mellow track. It shouldn’t work. But oh boy does it! The crowds I’ve played this to just go nuts when the lead drops. This will be released on Adjusted sometime in August.

SNF & Cressida ‘Talk About It’ (Hawk Remix) (Afterglow)
There’s great energy in this track, and it’s again quite different, style-wise from the previous ones. In fact there’s a least two other decades worth of influences going on here. The original peeked my interest, but its Hawk’s remix that I’ll play!

Kyau & Albert ‘Always A Fool’ (Night Music Edit) (Euphonic)
Ralph and Stephen make trance music with this unique, German feel. It’s got one eye on the 80’s and the early Depeche Mode era and the other right on the far horizon of trance. I made my own edit for Night Music, which is really a vocal dub which leads nicely on to one of my favourite tracks this year.

Breakfast ‘The Sunlight’ (Original Mix) (Flashover Recordings)
This guy has what it takes to be huge! ‘The Sunlight’ never fails to take a set somewhere a bit special and has been a massive track in all my sets of late. He did the first remix of ‘Waiting Here for You’ and I’ve never been so happy with a reworking of one of my tracks, right off the bat, before.

Solar Stone & Alucard ‘Late Summer Fields’ (Solaris)
By the end of the summer everyone’s going to know that it’s Rich Solar Stone writing and singing on this. He’s been hiding his talents in both these areas way too long! Beautiful record, immediately right up in my SS’s top 3 and we were delighted to have it on the comp.

Maor Levi ‘Reflect’ (Anjunabeats)
Maor’s never produced a duff track but this is the first one I’ve fallen in love with on the first spin. It’s got some proper power behind it and the chords are amazing!

Marco V ‘Possible, But Unlikely’ (Maelstrom/High Contrast)
This caught me a bit by surprise, not what I was expecting from Marco! It’s got this wickedly infectious little groove about it that after a couple of spins just sucks you right in! The kind of record that turns people who don’t like EDM into ones that do!

Joop ‘The Future’ (Rank 1 Remix) (High Contrast)
There were a few mixes of this to choose from but it was Rank 1’s mix that really grabbed me. It’s got these great marching drums that come piling out of the break and they always carry the floor with them.

Pulser ‘Things You Say’ (Maelstrom)
One from my old mate and production partner Pulser… This is his first track since ‘Point of Impact’ and its shows a real change of direction, I think. Still incredibly driving and, it’s got this subversive, progressive edge to it. He’s also another producer who’s recently discovered that he can write and sing, as well as produce!

Forerunners ‘Lifecycle’ (DeepBlue)
One of my favourite tracks on the album. It takes a fair bit to give me goosebumps in 2007, but suffice to say this did! Best quietly enjoyed while flat on your back on a sunbed in Ibiza, I’d reckon! Will be putting this to the test in a few weeks time…

Robert Gitelman & Michael Tsukerman ‘Memories From The Future’ (Adjusted)
Massive euphoric trancer that was signed by my excellent label manager Tim, who never gets enough credit for what he does… He’s gone now, but he’s left the bread knife on the side to remind me I need to keep this bit in... Sied van Riel’s just completed the remix.

Simon Patterson ‘Strip Search’ (Spinnin’ Recordings)
This track apparently took Simon 6 months to perfect and you can kind of see why. It’s very forward-thinking and has this superb, frayed, DJ Shadow-like piano line in the drop. Extremely cool record, which I won’t be tiring of playing anytime soon.

Stephen J Kroos ‘Innerstamatick’ (Anjunabeats)
The first half of ‘Innerstamatick’ is beautifully chilled trancer with some amazing pads, but somewhere after the breakdown it Jekyll and Hyde’s into a proper little banger. It also remind me slightly of an old Rapid Eye record called ‘Never Going Back’, so maybe there’s a little nostalgia in there too!


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