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Thursday 31st, January 2008
John OO Fleming attaches new artist album to Euphoria mix CD

Artists: Seminal DJ and producer John 'OO' Fleming has signed a new record deal with the successful Euphoria/MOS brand.

John has already clocked up sales of almost a million albums with his previous White Label Euphoria album series, the last of which was released in 2005.

This time sees John '00' Fleming mixing a new cutting edge concept 'Psytrance Euphoria', reflecting the current power of the Psytrance genre globally.

Last year Psytrance pulled in festival audiences of up to 200,000 in South America where the scene is currently at its strongest. While the album is merely Flemings take on the genre he was also inspired to record his own artist album with fellow artist Digital Blonde of tracks specifically inspired by and for the scene.

John '00' Fleming also figured it would be nice to attach this album to a double cd mix album making it a 3 cd package and thus the concept was born.

John Fleming's Management , Steven Webster of 7pm said...

"This will be the first time a DJ has packaged an artist album along with a double mix cd and we are interested to see how people react to it. DJ artist albums have always proved hard to sell but we believe this all round package is not only strong musically but is an exciting representation of a scene that has been steadily building over the last few years .That coupled with the Euphoria/MOS and John Fleming brands should make for a really strong all round package."

The artist album also features exclusive and remixes collaborations with the scene’s key players, including Israel's top Psytrance DJ Asterix.

John '00' Fleming presents "Psytrance" Euphoria album is Released on 18 February 2008 via Euphoria/Ministry Of Sound. Again this will be another TV advertised album, so exposure will be huge

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