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Monday 15th, September 2008
Introducing The Trance.nu Annual Toplist 2008
Updated: Monday 01st, December 2008

Trance.nu: The countdown of the year has has begun! Over the following 15 weeks will trance.nu unveil their top 15 artists during 2008 as listened and reported by you. And there is a twist to it.

Think you missed this years voting on trance.nu? Think again. Trance.nu weekly collect it's toplists using the last.fm tracking system to measure what was hot during the past week and annually assemble this list into a massive toplist. Basically what our loyal member has been listening to during the past week. Using a snapshop from ever week between week 35 2007 and week 35 2008 we can now present the assembled toplist of 2008.

Using this unique system, trance.nu attain an extremely detailed list of whats hot in the scene, rather than base it on conventional voting as those could vary over the course of time. While other toplists focuses mainly on voting and sales, trance.nu tries to actually measure what we listen to. The weekly toplists are available on the toplist-page. Something that pops up regularly on the weekly toplist is something that's being listen to more often than others.

So, during the following 15 week we will unveil the artists on a rolling schedule. Each Monday will a new artist be presented both on the startpage (check the right hand sidebar), the forums and of course on the TNUAT08-page. With numbero uno on the 22nd of December 2008.

What is last.fm/Audioscrobbler?
Every track you play will tell your Last.fm profile something about what you like based on what you've been listening to during the past week. Be it using Winamp, iTunes or even your iPod or Zune. Last.fm supports most of the players out there. Trough a unique system, trance.nu is allowed to assemble those toplist each week (and now annually) to republish the worlds most detailed trance toplist.

Want to participate for next years annual toplist?
Just make sure login or register to trance.nu. Then go to your profile settings and insert your last.fm username into the Audioscrobbler-field. Your listens should pop up on next weeks list.

Notice that you'll need to have a last.fm account as well as a activate a plugin in your player to get this to work, more info at last.fm

Trance.nu Annual Toplist 2008
Weekly Toplist

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