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Wednesday 19th, September 2007
Get ready for Doorn Records!
Updated: Monday 24th, September 2007

The launch of Sander van Doorn's DOORN record label is imminent, with the first release being his last single release of 2007. More info inside!

Sander’s FINAL single release for 2007, will be the FIRST release on a brand new label, aptly called DOORN Records. For a while it was going to be called DO2RN, but after much debate they plunged for DOORN. The aim of DOORN Records will be to search out new, up and coming talent, and with Sander playing the role of A&R, you can be sure it’ll be showcasing some pretty decent stuff. Already Sander is recieving heaps of material, be it via the Myspace or the website and in the coming weeks, a dedicated Doorn Myspace will be launched.

The first release on DOORN Records will be the massive ‘Riff’ It will contain a killer remix by no one else than mister Carl Cox! Riff has been doing the business for quite some time, and THIS MONTH will see it released to YOU!

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