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Tuesday 11th, December 2007
Trance.nu Forum search has significantly been improved

Thanks to gnomish engineering and a partial re-index will the trance.nu forum search now respond better to queries. Both the ones from 2001 and all forthcoming topics.

It took 1.4 weeks of pure data-mining, but the index has now been fully updates which means that all posts (yes, all millions of them) has been word-indexed alongside with some cleaver recoding of the search-engine might this actually make the search worth using again.

Let's say you're craving to see the pictures of me and Jezper from Ayia Napa 2003? Simply type in tommie jezper napa in the search and hit search. This'll produce the three corresponding topics posted in regards to this amazing trip back in the days.

Or let's say you want to check last years tnu xmas extravaganza? Typing in xmas extravaganza gives you just that!

It's just that simple! Now huddle along and the one who can dig out the funnies topic from our archives wins a cookie!


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