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Tuesday 28th, October 2008
DJmag 2008 results released 2 days prior to its official announcement
Updated: Wednesday 29th, October 2008

Misc: The DJmag Top 100 DJs 2008 results have leaked onto the net, showing the entire community the results as early as 48 hours before the grand presentation on the 29th of October. The results are backed up with legit scans of the printed October issue of DJMag.

Sources on various internet forums confirms that people did indeed receive copies of this months issue 2 days early and scanned this years list.

In a matter of minutes, the information was all over the net and this years nr1 DJ had been revealed, 48 hours prior to the official announcement party at Ministry of Sound.

The mishap seems to be traced back to subscribers getting the printed issue before it goes into shops, effectively telling everyone the results.

Trance.nu will not officially publish the results, but do not enforce moderation in the forums, as this info is indeed sent from DJMag to it subscribers whom are free to do as they choose with the information.

http://www.ferrycorsten.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5156 (be advised, this link shows the list)

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