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Wednesday 08th, August 2007
DJ Mag Top 100 2007
Updated: Wednesday 15th, August 2007

Misc: The biggest talking point of the dance music calander, the DJ Mag Top 100 2007, is on the horizon! Love it or loathe it, there is no escaping it!


217,102 votes were counted and verified!
A massive climb of 93,057 votes on 2005!
There were 50,431 different DJS voted for!
And only 7 countries out of 252 in the world DIDN’T vote!

What happens next: Tune in on WEDNESDAY 15th AUGUST.

Yes, we’re almost here already! No folks, we’re not talking about heaven or hell, we’re talking about the DJ MAG Top 100 2007!

Yup, it’s been a speedy 12 months since the last poll, and how things have changed. DJ Mag got itself new owners; people with a real passion and understanding of dance music, a refreshed team on board all working towards the same goal – keeping dance music real!

So, history and facts aside, this is the Top 100 2007, which even before it’s begun is on course to better the last.

In 2006 we introduced 9 new awards: BEST HOUSE DJ, BEST TECHNO DJ, BEST HARD DANCE DJ BEST DRUM & BASS DJ, BEST BREAKBEAT DJ, BEST ELECTRO DJ, HIGHEST CLIMBER, HIGHEST NEW ENTRY and BEST TRANCE DJ. This instantly made the whole thing so much more exciting. So this year you’d assume there’d be more interest. You’d be assuming right! DJmag.com and other such dance portals are hot with rumour, banter and the all important question “When and where”?

Voting kicks off on WEDNESDAY 15th AUGUST start thinking about the above now.

To be continued....

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