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Wednesday 02nd, January 2008
DJ Fire release solo album and mixalbum
Updated: Tuesday 08th, January 2008

Artists: Jurgen Leyers aka DJ Fire delivers a double treat. His album 'Rendez-vous' plus his mixalbum Mixology 2! Also Fire & Ice will return..

DJ Fire is one of those underground producers and DJ's that is not too known to the big audience, but delivered a wide range of productions (Fire & Ice amongst others) the past years that devastated many dancefloors throughout the world. As of lately Jurgen Leyers has been focusing on the DJ Fire solo tracks. After a wide range of productions the first DJ Fire album has arrived at many internetshops (including Beatport ofcourse). The title is Rendez-Vous and consists of the best DJ Fire tracks including his latest release Trashy.

1. Rendez Vous
2. Trashy
3. The Closest Thing To Heaven (Trance Mix)
4. Let The Joy Rise
5. Midnight In Beijing
6. Summermorning
7. Ulan Bator
8. Jetlag
9. Himalaya
10. Religion
11. Flying
12. Medieval
13. Luminized
14. Formentera
15. Diabolic
16. The Closest Thing To Heaven (Electrance Mix)
17. Bonus: Fire & Ice - Close To Me (DJ Fire Sunset Mix)

We heard most of this album and expect a classy cross-over between floating trance and mysterious progtrance beats. A good recommendation for the oldschool trance lover, but recent productions like Closest Thing To Heaven and Trashy are very up to date dancefloor hits. Give the samples a try at Beatport.com

Mixology 2
Furthermore the mixalbum Mixology 2 is out now on Beatport as well with a wide selection of tracks, mixed by DJ Fire, including tracks from Planisphere, A2, Airwave and ofcourse his own productions.

The return of Fire & Ice!
Fire & Ice will be back in 2008 with their new single Tour de Trance including a DJ Fire Remix and Manuel Le Saux Remix. Also a new DJ Fire production will be ready in the coming months!


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