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Thursday 20th, May 2010
DJ Fei Fei Launches New Label

The hard working and self made star of EDM, DJ Fei-Fei has reached another milestone in her continually blossoming career, the launch of her very own label distinctly titled 'Feided'.

The bad girl of EDM takes no prisoners. Fei-Fei has transformed into one of the top leading female DJ’s and producers in electronic music today and she’s doing it her way. She’s trashing the old stereotypes, lighting them on fire, and unleashing her wild side. 2010 is the year to get Feided. Feided fosters a bold and edgy sound for artists daring to push the boundaries of trance, tech and progressive. The label’s debut will be one of Fei-Fei’s very own productions, a massive vocal bomb called 'Twilight', featuring singer/songwriter Molly Jenson. Twilight made an exclusive appearance on Markus Schulz’s Global DJ Broadcast creating a near deafening buzz. With early support from Mixmag, DJ Times and the industry heavyweights, Feided is about to wreak some major havoc!

This trouble maker is also signed to three major labels in dance music; Armada Music, Vandit Records and Discover. When asked why she started her own label on top of her busy production schedule, she says mischievously with a twinkle in her eye, “More creative control. We want to put out the music that we want, when we want, reach out to the fans out there and give them what they want. All the Feided artists embody that carefree, do your own thing, do it yourself badass attitude. It’s about supporting new artists and new sounds. It’s what’s gonna keep the music interesting and keep that rush going”. And that rush isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The Feided Tour kicks off stateside during the legendary Movement Detroit Electronic Music Festival (formally known as DEMF). This femme fatale is going strong and it’s only a matter of time before she hooks you too. So take a deep breath and brace yourself for one serious adrenaline rush that will not let go. Do you feel it? It’s time to get Feided.

Join the Feided Label Launch party this summer at a city near you!

May 29, 2010 – DEMF After Party – Detroit, Michigan
June 5, 2010 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 18, 2010 – San Francisco, CA
June 19, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA

So keep your eyes and ears peeled as the label drops in June. To stay up to date on the Feided chaos, tour dates, sneak peaks and release info subscribe to Feided Video Diary at Youtube.com/djfeifei, the Feided Official Podcast, Facebook.com/djfeifei, Twitter.com/djfeifei or visit FEIDED.com

Click here for the YouTube announcement from the new label owner herself!

Written by:
Craig Patterson

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