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Thursday 11th, March 2010
Black Hole Recordings Radio
Black Hole Recordings Radio celebrates 100th episode!

Labels: Two years after the very first episode, Black Hole Recordings Radio proudly announces the anniversary of their 100th episode. The first show aired on May 1st 2008 through Dance Tunes and featured an exclusive guest mix by Progression.

Within a short period of time after the initial shows, positive reactions poured in, which proved undeniably that a dedicated radio program, completely focused on Black Hole artists only, filled a highly anticipated gap. In those two years, interest increased and currently there are 10 stations that air the show, a fact that secures global coverage for all fans in every corner of the world.

The biggest tour de force for Black Hole Radio so far, was the marathon episode at the Amsterdam Dance Event of 2009. For a full night, the program was broadcast online, live from the FlashBlack and featured interviews with artists like Andy Duguid, Jonas Steur, Johan Gielen, Cor Fijneman, Julie Thompson, Ton TB, Alex O’Rion, Mr Sam, Cosmic Gate, JES and many others. All artist performances were broadcast live and created a one of a kind moment for the fans to enjoy all their favorite artists together in one program.

Black Hole Recordings radio has grown and evolved into a solid radio program that follows an easy going format. On a regular basis the show has live interviews with Black Hole artists and the production team behind the show also offers sweepstakes and contests; usually with unique prizes for the listeners. Knowing that Black Hole Recordings has recently joined forces with Flashover Recordings, the amount and variety of good music will only change for the better.

For Black Hole Radio, the goal is and will remain to have the best brand releases and remixes, combined with an exclusive guest mix from one the Black Hole artists. Stay tuned for the next hundred episodes!

You can get the Black Hole Recordings Podcast (first hour of the show) by adding the following URL in iTunes: http://blog.dance-tunes.com/?feed=podcast


Written by:
Twan van Loon

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