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Damien.S feat Marcie Joy
Love Letters

the crystal balls spinning in the card house tonightrnlove letters burn smoke signals take flightrnwe're sleeping alone in separate roomsrnI'm praying for courage to crawl back to yournrnI'm lost in the fog of the oracle's breathrna whispered prediction of time i have leftrnour egos are dancing around the flamernwild eyed effigies passing the blamernrnwe're speaking in code and we're walking the linernand we are forever falling behindrnstarved for attention, a lovers affectionrnjust a passing glancernrnyour honesty's too much, to digest in all one nightrnso please excuse me while i wash it down with a glass of cheap winernsee, I'm in love with shadows, cast upon a voidrnand I'm indebted to a wanted man who set out to destroy

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