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Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab
I Am What I Am (Lange Remix)

I know you've read So many books You keep a breast of all the things you think you should You've got your own home grown philosophy And it works for yournBut please don't try to make it work for me You have nothing to provernrnBut youíre trying much too hardrnStop trying to change me (Stop trying to change meÖ)rnI am what I am (I am what I amÖ)rnNo I donít need you to save me I donít need you to save me I am what I am I am what I am rnrnI know you feel You need to prove That you are good at simply Everything you try to do rnAnd people hang on your every word That you deliver With conviction Though they may just be absurdrnrnStop trying to change me I am what I am rnNo I donít need you to save me I am what I am rnI donít want you to show me Because I stand where I stand I just need you to know me Just know who I am

Submitted by:
Hisham Hisham
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