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Sultan & Tone Depth ft. Stephanie Vezina

The world is cold and thunderous
As one dark day follows the next
And from high up in the heavens
Shadows fell like rain
Drenching me in sorrow
Drowning me in pain
Pulling me deeper and deeper
Spinning me faster and faster
Into turbulance
And helplesness
And everything turned to blackness
For my eyes had closed before me
As I tried to hide from my sadness
But there's nowhere to hide
In an empty world
And then, Just as hope seemed to have faith
There appeared a shelter in the distance
That shelter was love
That shelter was you
And in cover from the tourment, I felt warmth
I turned and saw a glow rising
Nothing like anything i'd ever seen
And spellbound, I was drawn to it
And slowly, Give myself to it
And everything was still
For this new life lied with me now
And from this light, Beauty grew
And as my heart stirred, Music lived in my breath
And soared from my lips in a song of love
And even from the depths of my memory
Shadows and death fled
And freely I fell
Deeper and deeper into this world of bliss
Faster and faster
Into you

And there I stood
Beneath heaven's cloudy veil
Threatening in it's darkness
I tried calling out
Vivid sweet songs
But only bitter music bled through my lips
For you...
And love...
I cry...

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