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Tuesday 06th, August 2002
Yoji Biomehanika

For some people in the trance scene Yoji Biomehanika is a DJ they have heard or seen on a flyer once or twice. For others again itís a name they have never heard of. It is probably because he plays on the hard house stage and mainstream trancers donít bother to check it out. Too bad though. They are missing on the fast paced side of the scene. This is changing though as hard house is getting more often labeled now as hard dance, a term probably more accessible to the masses. Yoji Biomehanikaís style of DJing and choice of tracks is for me the complementary item for a succesful mega party. You canít just listen to progressive and melodic trance all the night. A dose of hard dance is the next step and as the hard trance scene is underdevelopped in the Netherlands this is a perfect solution. We are talking same bpm tempo here as hard trance. Yojiís appearance is always a delight for the eyes and ears. His DJ technique is flawless, handling records at a speed unmatched by any European DJ I have seen. His long experience in the electronic music scene through many different styles has made him now one of the best hard dance DJís in the world. Voted 2nd best producer after Mauro Picotto last year by EneryUK and called the Lord of NRG in Japan there is no reason anymore to let this big shot pass by you unnoticed!

TRANCE.NU - What message do you try to vehicle with your outfit, clothes, hair
etc? You are very different then other DJ's when it comes to this.

It does not matter what one wears or What one plays. Who decided that a DJ must
wear a ring cap or a plain t-shirt?

TRANCE.NU - You have mixed CD's, released tracks under your Bionico guise and
ofcourse as YB.

What is the response on your works here in Europe? Where can we find your CD's?
I will mix this year's Dance Valley CD, which will be available in Europe ofcourse.

TRANCE.NU - Last year you remixed T99 - Anasthasia, a very big classic from
the beginning '90s. Any plans for remixing some other tracks?

I am planning to remix CRUS's "ALL SYSTEMS AGO". This is one of my favorites.

TRANCE.NU - Can we compare your style to another DJ, and who, or do you think
your style is unique?

That's up to the listeners to decide!

TRANCE.NU - What do you do in your spare time. That is after producing, DJing,
remixing, etc....?

I watch some movies and chill out with my wife and cats. I go to hot spring spa
sometimes, this is the best chill out place in Japan, If you come to Japan, you
better try!!

TRANCE.NU - What do you think of the fact that people download your music freely
over the Internet?

I think that this is a very big problem. I really want my music to reach many
people, however we do not get any profit back from this, thus we may not be able
to continue our activity for much longer.

TRANCE.NU - What does your mother think of your job?

Maybe she is smiling for me from Heaven....

TRANCE.NU - Do you use the Internet a lot?

Ofcourse, I use Internet like a dictionary... If I have a question, I can find
out the answer in a minute...

TRANCE.NU - What are your plans for this Summer and coming months?

Please check www.yojibiomehanika.com.

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