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Monday 02nd, February 2009
Will Holland Interview
Updated: Friday 20th, March 2009

: Will Holland release's 'Digitally Enhanced Vol II' today. We caught up with him for the full rub!

Trance.nu: So, Will, the second outing for the ‘Enhanced’ compilation series. Do you think if differs in any significant way from the first?

Will: Well, it’s follows the same format as the last one; one disc of Enhanced Progressive and one disc of Enhanced Trance, and of course 100% Enhanced material. I think the Enhanced sound has definately become more defined since the last edition, and we’ve got some really, REALLY good artists on board!

Trance.nu: Where do you want to take people with ‘Enhanced Vol 2’ and what do you think makes this album stand out?

WH: On musical journey man, haha!! This album is about Enhanced and the sound we push. We love groovy progressive music, as well as peak time uplifting, so across the two discs I have tried to demonstrate what we are about. I think it stands out because it’s all music from the Enhanced labels; both exclusive unreleased tracks and the more recent favourites. We’ve given the breaks to a lot of previously unknowns such as Temple One and Activa and we continue to do this, mixing the best of the new talent with the more established artists on the scene, all to create our Enhanced sound.

Trance.nu: How do you see the compilation market in general?

WH: It’s good at the moment; there was a lull a few years ago where the good compilations were few and far between, but I think a lot of labels have seen that it’s something the customer demands so there have been a lot of good comps around lately.

Trance.nu: Pick three tracks from the album that you think would capture it in a nutshell?

WH: Thats a difficult task because its putting the tracks together that create the album’s pull, but probably the best I can come with would be;

Jan Johnston meets Jussi Soro – Merge (MoodFreak Remix) – MoodFreak is seriously hot at the moment; wait to you hear his forthcoming remix of Hokkaido on Enhanced Progressive, and this remix of Jan and Jussi is just brilliant; groovy prog trance just the way I like it!

Hodel and Hornblad – Hydrogen (Sundriver Remix) – taking you more towards the uplifing end of the spectrum at the end of the first disc is this ASOT ‘Tune of the Week’ remix from Sundriver.

Will Holland – Things that Happen (Temple One Remix) – Joe finished this remix from me a couple of months ago and it’s just amazing; definately the biggest track of my sets for a while and Mixmag asked for it to review after hearing it on the compilation. It’s Tune of the Month in the mag in the (I think!) in the March edition.

Trance.nu: Sat as we are at the front end of 2009, who do you think will materialize as the trance stars of the year?

WH: In the Enhanced camp we have so much great talent that’s definitely going to come though this year, such as Temple One who I just mentioned, and the likes of MoodFreak, Estiva, Adymus, Sindre Eide.

Trance.nu: Ok, and on the broader scale?

WH: Well, I think this year will be huge for two of my fellow Brits, Gareth Emery and Activa. I love what those guys are doing at the moment and they deserve a lot of credit.

Trance.nu: Do you think we’ll be seeing a Will Holland artist album at some point soon?

WH: Not this year! I have a lot to focus on with the label and some of our artists projects and compilations. Its something I definately want to do eventually though.

Trance.nu: What do you consider to be the most important aspect of a track? Its vibe, production quality, pay-off or general floor-appeal?

WH: Without good production you cannot achieve any of the others so I would say that. Added to that there are great tracks that don’t work in a club, but do on the radio and to listen to casually. So it really depends.

Trance.nu: Have you ever rejected a track for Enhanced and come to regret it?

WH: There have always been tracks that I have turned down that have gone on to do well on other labels; but you can’t sign everything and I never sign a track just because of the producer behind it. It needs to fit the label’s sound.

Trance.nu: On to more general trance matters: stretching back over the entire history of trance what would have been the one track you would love to have signed to the label, what track do you wish you’d made and which one would you love to remix?

WH: Oh god! I could be here a while!!! Hmmmm. Starting with one I wish I’d made, it would have to be anything by BT around his Flaming June / Dreaming period. He was so far advanced in terms of production, it was just ridiculous! Signed, well my favourite all-time classics and remixed would be the same. Every time I do a new ‘top 5’ classics it changes so I think i would have to be greedy and sign and remix about 20!!

Trance.nu: We’re going to press you for a single one here! C’mon Will!

WH: Ok, Ok! Today, I wish I had released Arksun – Astrodancer. The Starecase Remix – CHOOOOON! And... remixed... errrmm.... well, I have actually remixed a couple of classics already; Mothers Pride 'Learning to Fly', which was release a few years ago, and then one of my favourites Liquid Child 'Diving Faces' - that was a cheeky bootleg that I did but it turned out great and was supported by PvD etc. I really should dig out that Cubase file and polish it off 2009 style, I played it at Gatecrasher on NYE and it still sounded great but it could do with a slight tweak!!

Trance.nu: Subjective we know, but if all the widely-held sub-genres of trance (melodic, euphoric, deep, progressive & tech) were lined up on the firing line and you could only save one, which would it be!?

WH: I like them all - that’s unfair! Well, I reckon that melodic covers the broadest spectrum, and I think that best describes Enhanced’s sound, so I vote melodic!

Trance.nu: Ok Melodic is safe! Now, vocalists play a fair part in the new compilations appeal. Broadly speaking, who do you think greatest trance vocalist of all time is and who would you still like to work with in that capacity on a track and why?

WH: If you go back over the entire history I think you have to go with Jan Johnston. She has such a distinct voice, has written such amazing lyrics and has probably more ‘hits’ under her belt that any of the others. It would be an honour to work with her; we have already released one of her tracks but I haven’t popped the collaboration question yet!

Trance.nu Lastly, with a compilation out in the second month of the year, what have you got in store for the Trance Nation for the rest of 2009?

I have three singles finished that are all being remixed at the moment, I also have Masters Series Vol 2 coming this summer and Digitally Enhanced Vol 3 will be out at the back end of the year.

Label-wise, we are aiming for around 30-40 releases, and we are launching the label of UK Trance night and Enhanced partner Digital Society, along with the debut Digital Society compilation mixed by the legendary Matt Hardwick. We will be celebrating the 50th release across the labels shortly and we have some tour nights over the coming months. We are also launching and new compilation series entiteld Enhanced Sessions which will feature 2 discs mixed by Enhanced artists; the first being Temple One and Estiva - that’s a world exclusive for you!. So, all in all it’s going to be a very busy year!

Trance.nu: It certainly sounds like it! Will, many thanks indeed for you time and in the meantime ‘Digitally Enhanced Vol 2’ is out through all good CD retailers today.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Written by:
Tim Stark

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