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Thursday 07th, November 2002

It would be criminal to dispute the fact that brothers Brendan and Dave Webster are the cream of the trance crop when it comes to producing intelligent, innovative sounds. The duo’s discography is nothing short of spectacular, and when support is rich with superstars like Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren, Sasha and Digweed, you know something’s going right!

When did the Transa project begin and how?

It began in 1996 after a chance meeting with Chris Cowie (Hook label owner). We had a demo tape with us and played it to him. Although the tracks on the tape were not suitable for Hook, he asked us to write something for his label. After the Chris Cowie meeting, we wrote a couple a tracks and then came up with 'Prophase'. That was our debut release on Hook.

Where did you get the inspiration for early work like “Behind The Sun”?

At the time we wrote ‘Behind the Sun’, we were both working at a local club and the DJ played a Nalin & Kane track called 'Beachball'. We loved the deep synth sound, which they used, so we tried to recreate that sound in our studio and as a result came up with ‘Behind the Sun’. Generally, you get inspiration from everything you see or hear, whether it be music, films or TV. If you get an idea from somewhere, it can evolve several times before you come up with something completely different to use in your own work.

“Chronology” is the full-length debut album from Transa. What can listeners expect from the album?

On CD 1 they can expect a few surprises! There are a few different styles and moods that some people wouldn't expect from Transa, ranging from breakbeat to tech-house and ambient to trance...amongst others. CD 2 is compiled of previously released tracks brought together for the first time on CD. Including 'Supernova' & 'Behind the Sun', there are also some tracks from our 'Cascade' pseudonym.

The album as a whole is kind of a journey into Transa's past, present and future.

What are your personal favourites on the album?

Brendan: If I had to pick one favourite, it would have to be 'Give Up The Ghost'. It is just so different to what we usually produce and we had a really good laugh writing it.

Dave: My favourite has to be 'Defunkt'. Again, this track pushed us in a completely different direction. A close second would be 'When Day Breaks', quite a chilled track.... with a twist!

Which track will be lifted from the album next, to follow-up “Nightstalker”?

There are no plans at the moment to release another single from the album.

A lot of new tracks escape the older Transa sound and air a harder tech edge and even some ambient, laid back sounds. Is this a new direction from Transa or merely experimenting with new sounds?

A bit of both actually. Sometimes you get pigeon holed into one style and you end up writing material that, to a degree, is expected of you. On the album, we have deliberately experimented with different styles, moods and production methods to break the mould and as a result we have introduced more of ourselves into the music.

How did the recent album tour go?

The tour is actually still ongoing. The dates we have done up to now have been great. We have recently just returned from New Zealand and are off to Toronto, Canada next.

How do the crowds of Estonia compare to those of the UK / Amsterdam / St Petersburg?

They were just as mad! We have been lucky so far; every gig we have done has gone down really well. The people seem to really enjoy it. The buzz of playing live in front of thousands of people is just excellent!

Which even did you most enjoy?

I think we have enjoyed them all equally, but for various reasons, for example... We played to around 6000 people in St Petersburg which is a buzz in itself, but in Estonia and New Zealand there were around 1000 people at each but it is more intimate and you can interact more with the crowd.

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