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Friday 20th, May 2005
TranceTribe (Australia)

TranceTribe is known in Australia, as one of the major supporters behind the local trance scene. TranceTribe was launched in 2003 by co-owners Scott Richardson and Vanessa Hamilton and since then has established itself as Australia’s largest online trance community. Trance Tribe has been involved in every aspect of the Australian trance scene from supporting events to running dj and production competitions and more recently has taken the first step towards launching Australia’s very own trance dedicated record label. To top it off, the team has decided to start up their own event which is set to be launched in Sydney later this month. Trance.Nu took the opportunity to chat with event organizers Scott, Vanessa and Luke Sykes about what’s been happening on the Australian scene and to find out more about this highly anticipated event!

Firstly, would the three of you like to introduce yourselves? Tell us how you became involved in the trance scene and what is your involvement is in the event?

Scott: I got into the trance scene 5 years ago, after listening to ‘dance music’ for ages. I started going clubbing and refining my tastes to be trance oriented. My involvement in the event is producing all of the artwork, advertising and also designing the lighting and decor. I’m also making sure everything stays true to the Trancetribe name.

Vanessa: I was converted to trance by one song - Human Evolution - Project Magneta and am now a Dumonde addict. It wasn’t long after that and I was totally into the scene - the more I went clubbing, the more I loved it! Scott and I decided to start up Trance Tribe and I guess it seemed like a natural progression to run an event when we had the numbers. My role with this event is overseeing a lot of the management side of things and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Luke: I got into trance after hearing my first trance cd, in my last year of school, fell for symmetry by Vincent De Moore, then I discovered ferry, and haven’t looked back since. I vary between styles, but always have the trance basis and feel. I first got into the scene as a clubber, and then slowly progressed through, until it became the consuming passion it is now. I’ll be handling the booking, negotiating, and with the groups approval, the lineups etc.

TranceTribe has been around for a short time, yet since its launch it has established itself as Australia’s largest online trance community. Can you tell us how it all started out?

Vanessa & Scott: We weren’t satisfied with the communities that were around at the time. There weren’t really any that were dedicated to trance, plus we had a close group of friends and we really needed our own online place to hang out when we weren’t clubbing as we all lived on different sides of the city. We wanted a place that focused more on the music itself, and had a real sense of belonging.

So what is it that prompted you guys start your own event?

Scott: It’s a combination of things. We’ve always want to launch our own event, to give the punters a night that focuses on the sound we represent. Also, lately a definite gap has formed in the local scene for an intimate club night purely focused on the music and atmosphere. We aim to fill that gap. We also hope to create a platform for our local stars to launch themselves internationally.

Vanessa: It had always been a possibility, and it came to fruition after it was clear that is what the TT community wanted. Now we have the numbers to warrant our own event, so it is just the perfect time.

Luke: It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and we we’re always saying wouldn’t it be great if… one day everything just seemed to click, there was no point in not jumping at it. We’ve come in at a time where we don’t have to make to many sacrifices. We always wanted to run an intimate night, now the scene has grown to a point we’re it can support it.

What do you believe are the essential key elements to a successful club night and how do you plan to incorporate these into your night?

Scott: Ultimately we are giving punters what they want, and letting them have the choice of sounds they prefer. With techno into hard trance in one room, and progressive into uplifting in the other.

Vanessa: Listening to what people want, providing something a little different, and making it affordable. That is exactly what we have done.

Luke: We’ve all come from clubbing backgrounds, between us of all there wouldn’t be an event we haven’t attended, we’ve seen and experienced what works and what doesn’t. One of our key rules is that DJs will always play 2 hour sets, the DJs will also not only be on a constantly rotating roster, but also a rotating slot rooster, making no two events the same progression.

Ever since the demise of the infamous Altitude and Halcyon parties, many punters agreed that a huge void was left in the Sydney trance scene. I think what Sydney is lacking is a quality night which incorporates a diverse music policy and a unique and fresh new concept. Do you think your night will provide the breath of fresh air that Sydney needs?

Vanessa: We indeed hope so, there are certain elements in our planning that have address the problems encountered with the past trance nights in Sydney and what we are offering to the scene is exactly what it is missing.

Scott: There currently isn’t any small to medium sized intimate club night that is supporting the full range of techno and trance. From prog to uplifting to tech to hard. Sydney is full of very fun events, but none that are as focused on the quality of the music as ours.

Luke: Couldn’t agree with your analysis of the current situation any more. We feel we’re going to be putting together a night, completely focused on music and the punters.

What kind of music policy will you be adopting at this event?

Luke: We’re keeping a broad spectrum, and drawing from the great wealth of talent that is up for offer in Sydney. We don’t want 4 DJs a night playing the same styled sets, we want DJs with the ability to build tension, and move a crowd. Our DJs are also being selected on there ability to structure sets, and continue on from the previous DJs point, if there is a great vibe going, why stop. We also don’t want every week to be a re-iteration of the previous week. We want every event to have a different quality about it. Trance but a different vibe……harder to describe then I originally thought.

What do you think that will attribute to the success of your night and set it apart from existing nights already on the scene?

Scott: We have built up a great community and a great following via our web site. We have a bunch of like minded people who are passionate about the music. We aren’t doing anything new or ground breaking, nor do we promise that. But what we are doing is all of the best things that have ever been done and putting them all in to one even that caters for everyone’s needs.

Luke: We have a great and loyal backing of people through the trance tribe community, all of them passionate trance fans, pushing us. Together I think it will attribute to our success.

As a promoter, what is your view on where the trance scene is going at the moment? Do you see things getting tougher over the next 12 months or recovering for trance and clubbing in general?

Vanessa: There are many people turning 18 every day in Australia, there is an untapped market out there. If even a percentage of those people can be exposed to trance and the friendly scene associated with it, then things are going to change for the better, in a big way.

Scott: The music is quite experimental again now, with lots of elements from other genres being fused with the traditional melodic trance sound. The scene itself is reacting to this, with more people being intrigued by trance and its sub genres.

Luke: The scene itself I think is on a recovery, shows like Nova (RIP), were doing great things exposing the youngsters to the real trance sound, they’ll eventually come of age. Also we now have a scene which is now managing to support regular trance nights again, as long as we can keep everything fresh, the scene can only grow. I mean its trance, what isn’t there to love.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge you will face as a promoter starting out?

Scott: I think letting the rest of the city know that we are out there. Sure we have our dedicated forum members and friends and other trance club regulars, but we also want the rest of the people out there to get to know our event. I think that developing our brand as a club night, not just a forum will be the difficult thing.

Luke: Being able to switch off from it all. Also, getting the night established in people’s minds as a regular fixture, something they know will always be of top quality.

There are a lot of aspiring djs who would love to play out in a club, but there just aren’t enough promoters out there and set times to go around. How are you planning to support the up and coming talent in Australia?

Vanessa: We will be running more DJ competitions in conjunction with our events sometime later in the year. We do have high standards, and will be rewarding anyone that is good enough with a set where possible. We have always helped out aspiring DJs where we can and that won’t change. We also always encourage people to send us their demos.

Scott: Trancetribe is essentially about boosting the trance scene in any way it can. The fact is that a lot of trance clubbers are so passionate about the music that they want to be DJs too. We will do everything we can to allow new DJs a chance at playing at our event, so long as they are up to scratch (pun?)

So the official launch party is set for the 28th May in Sydney and it is shaping up to be a massive night. Can you give our readers an idea of what to expect on the night?

Vanessa & Scott: We’d rather not set your expectations for you, apart from that you should expect a wicked atmosphere. When you walk into the club, you hear the most upfront, classy trance and techno you have access to, people smiling and excited!

Luke: Expect a night focused on the clubbers, friendly party atmosphere, tunes being spun by the best trance DJs in Sydney, playing all styles, a night all about variety and you!

I know TranceTribe is a community which spans across the whole of Australia so with this in mind, will you be running any interstate events in the future?

Vanessa: Yes, we launched our Trance Australia CD interstate and intend to take our events all over the country.

Scott: We are already planning a National Tour that will bring the Trancetribe sound to the rest of Australia.

The lineup for this event is impressive and certainly reflects the great level of talent currently doing the rounds. Can you tell us a bit about the each of the djs on the lineup?

Scott: Headlining the Blue, melodic trance room is Sydney’s Jumping Jack who is no doubt our best trance DJ. Backed up by RUSH resident Cameron O’Shea and Muli, who can best be described as an Aussie version John 00 Flemming! I think I’ll let Luke describe me, I’d feel weird talking about myself! In the red room we have techno DJs Emass and Steve Noble to get the party pumping, then Sydney’s premier Hard Trance DJ, Nervous will be gracing the decks, supported by Groovinc.org’s very own Whisper!

Luke: Yes JJ seems to get promos well before the rest of us damn him heheheh, Cameron is well established and as most will know never fails to delver a top notch set, looking forward to seeing what he’ll do with his time slot. Scott well what can I say, he’s probably the last person in this list to get in to the dj scene, and there’s a reason why he’s climbing so fast. He’s always pushing the latest sounds with that certain Scott flair and track selection, expect quality. Muli, is our closer, and always comes across with an air of sophistication. I’ve never heard a bad set by him, as you all probably know. The Red room, is all about power, from Steve Noble’s techno sets to get the night started through to the one and only Nervous, the red room is all about sound progression with that hard and fast feel that we always crave.

Finally, can you tell us if we should expect any surprises or anything special on the night?

Luke: If I tell then they’re no longer surprises….

Just know we won’t be leaving any stone unturned, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, we’ll be doing all we can to promote a great vibe and atmosphere, and using “everything” at Suzie Q’s to it’s full potential.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Vanessa: I would just like to thank all of our members for their undying support and loyalty to Trance Tribe. When we started up, we never dreamed or planned that it would grow so big, so quickly. It is such a pleasure to provide our community, website and events for the members, and I hope we can continue to do so for many years to come.

Scott: We know this event has been a long time coming and we are so very excited to finally present it to the trance scene in Sydney. We think we have nailed it in terms of what the clubbers want.

Luke: Hopefully we shall see you all there, it’s been a long wait, but I think it’s going to be worth it. Thanks already to all those that have motivated us. See you all soon!

“TranceTribe – The Event” will take place on Friday, 28th May at Susie Q’s Nightclub in Sydney. For more information, check out the TranceTribe website:


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