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Tuesday 14th, July 2009
Trance.NU catches up with Sander van Dien from First State

Phillip Alpha catches up with Sander van Dien to talk hectic dj gigs and First State in an exclusive interview for Trance.NU

Phillip Alpha / T.NU: Hi Sander - thanks for taking the time for this little interview, how has the last months been for you, and your project First State?

Sander Van Dien - First State: No problem Phillip, I’m honoured with this interview as it’s a great way to speak to the people that generally don’t read anything about First State on the blogs, MySpace or Facebook. To be honest the last few months were pretty hectic because I’ve had a lot of gigs and remixes to do, and Black Hole Recordings offered me a 3 year exclusive contract so champagne for everyone wink

Phillip Alpha / T.NU: With "First State" going from a duo to being just you - how will that influence the forthcoming work? And what about your Sander Van Dien-guise - will you continue both projects?

Sander Van Dien - First State: Well Phillip, to be honest it won’t change anything because 98% of all the work was done by me the last few years. I can tell you that “Falling” was a solo production by Sander van Dien.
I will keep making Sander van Dien tracks and remixes but they will have a different sound as the First State tracks (more progressive/housey) but the main focus will be on First State productions!

Phillip Alpha / T.NU: Speaking of the forthcoming album, although its still being in the early stages - is there anything you can tell us about it - what will you be looking for in terms of themes, vocalists etc.?

Sander Van Dien - First State: Well for the upcoming album I’ve worked with several vocalists like Sarah Howells, Elliot John, Kyler England and so on. They were all so willing to work with me, especially Sarah Howells, who is amazing to work with, such an easy and gentle person. As for the instrumental track there will be some amazing tunes that will rock you of your socks. As for the first single we are still debating if it should be a vocal or an instrumental track… But you will know that soon enough.

Phillip Alpha / T.NU: Recent months has given you the opportunity to go from Trance Energy 2009 in The Netherlands over Chicago in the US to Global Gathering in Poland, and quite soon you will be heading to Shanghai. Showing a very high demand for both your studio work as well as your DJ performances - how do you make this go hand in hand? You must be one busy guy?

Sander Van Dien - First State: Well yeah, a normal week for me looks like total chaos for someone outside the music scene but there is some structure… Not really grin2
A normal week for me looks like this:
Monday: College day (I’m working to get my diploma to be a professional web designer). Tuesday to Friday: Full time working in the studio, and in the weekend, (Friday jumping in the plane) tear the roof of the club I’m playing at and be back on a Sunday to start with a fresh week!

Phillip Alpha / T.NU: Besides an upcoming remix for Filo & Peri which can be found on the First State Myspace - is there any additional remixes underway? If yes - can you tell us more?

Sander Van Dien - First State: Right now I’m busy with a remix for Mac & Mac, they’ve remixed the old classic track from Orlando Voorn (Format #1 – Session), and Black Hole Recordings asked me to do a remix for that release.
But after that there will be a total remix stop for this year, because the full focus will be lying on the upcoming album!

Phillip Alpha / T.NU: As mentioned earlier - you have been pretty much all around the world within the last year. Which experience made the biggest impression on you? And is there any places where you'd like to go to spread the word of First State? If so, where?

Sander Van Dien - First State: This year I’ve been to two places that made a big impression on me, the first one was South Africa. I can say that the crowd was insane, the country was beautiful and I went see some white lions, just amazing! And I made some awesome friends over there.
The seconds place as I’ve mentioned earlier was Chicago (US). I always wanted to see America and I did see America at its prettiest. I felt like walking in a scene of the popular series ‘’Fiends’’.
As I played there the crowd went nuts, there is video footage:
As far as locations where I still want to be and play, I would say Goa Beach (India) And New Zealand. Because I think that’s the most beautiful place on earth!

Phillip Alpha / T.NU: On behalf of the T.NU community I would like to thank you for taking time for doing this interview with us. We will be wishing you all the best on your future projects and of course the upcoming album.

But here at the end, one final question: If you were to make a headline for this interview, what would it be?

Sander Van Dien - First State: Thanks Phillip, the pleasure was all mine. As for a headline it would be “First State announces a second album and a big album tour in 2010”
Thanks for your time Phillip and for everyone who read this interview. Thanks for your interest and if you’d like to be informed about the latest tunes and blog info, check www.myspace.com/firststatemusic
Cheers and thanks for supporting me!

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