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Monday 24th, February 2003
Ton TB

Everybody remembers Greece 2000. This track was the international breakthrough for this talented Dutch producer and DJ and caned in every club around the world. His more recent works include the fantastic Carrera 2 hit, also released on the Vandit label. Ton was also asked by Black Hole to mix the latest In Trance We Trust CD, the industry standard trance compilation.

First of all, how is the feedback on ITWT8?
Ton TB: Very good. We have received some great feedback here in Holland but also from abroad. We have received emails from abroad, from various countries like England and Scandinavia.

ITWT8 is clearly very different from the previous CDs in this series. Why this track choice?
Ton TB: I tried to bring in something from myself. In England I spin early so I have to start out with some groovy tracks and not only melodic. I don't spin only melodic trance so this CD pretty much reflects my own style. I was able to bring in the tracks I liked but later on advice from Arny (Black Hole) we made a final decision on which tracks would feature on the CD. I knew what the other ITWT CDs sound like so I took tracks that were more or less in that style but Arny told me they were to flat and wanted this CD to be more varied then the previous, very melodic In Trance We Trust compilations.

The ITWT8 is clearly a breed of melodic trance and your own style of music. Did you make this less melodic selection because of the fact that trance is already so huge here and that you wanted to give something else?
Ton TB: Most people think that trance is only about melodic, up-tempo and strings music but trance is a much broader style of course. It's the same with techno, you have hard techno, break techno, club techno, tech house, you name it. And especially young people think that trance is only the melodic trance but trance already exists for more then 10 years... Melodic trance is more accessible and that's why it got so popular. When I spin in England, the style is much more underground, you can't compare that to the music that is played on Trance Energy.

How did you come to BH?
Ton TB: Last year I changed booking agency and I moved to PrimeTime and we signed an all in contract, so this means productions from Ton TB exclusively. And also Tangled Universe and other projects. After the summer I will also get an own mix CD series on BH.

What style can we expect for your own series, something like this ITWT8 CD?
Ton TB: Well, this series will be something that I really like to spin myself. Because of the ITWT CD I had to make some concessions as to the track choice but on this new series the track choice will be 100% mine.

On your website it says that Air Traffic should be released by January/February, what is happening?
Ton TB: Right now it is being postponed a little as we are on so many things at the same time. Carrera 2 is getting some remixes on the Virgin and Vandit labels so that is why we are waiting with new releases (Silent Witness, etc.) right now. You have to wait a little otherwise the market will get saturated.

We could relate this to your classic track, Greece 2000. Did you ever think this track would make it so big?
Ton TB: No, never. It is pretty amazing actually. The record has been spinned by all the biggest DJs and has been on compilations by Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox and the like to name a few.

What do you think of the remix, Greece 2002?
Ton TB: Yes, it's good but a remix will never get as good as the original. Of course you hear that catchy melody again but I think a remix cannot equal with Greece 2000. It's the same with a new track (Ton TB - Electronic Malfunction) I made which will be out around April/May. Tiesto was here and he is spinning it from CD-R already. Currently a remix will be made of that track but Tiesto told me it can't get better then what is now.

What are your thoughts for 2003. 2002 has been a year with still a lot of melodic productions, do you expect this year to have more percussive or breaks sounds?
Ton TB: Yes, I think it will be more influenced by techno this year, also some percussion and tribal sounds. I think the sound will get more 'square'. You can't listen to melodic all the time, it just gets boring after a while.

Here in Holland we have the enormous rise of the hardhouse scene. Do you have an opinion on that?
Ton TB: I am not into that kind of music but I think this is for the people that just get into the age of going to clubs and also that generation of people that come from the hardcore scene. I respect that but it's not something that I would attend myself.

Someone on Trance.nu asked about your upcoming Three Drives album...
Ton TB: Department 1 is a noun under which we worked but that is not going to be the album name. The new Three Drives will have elements of melodic trance like we have made before but will also include some tribal, techno and groovy. In fact a little bit of everything. The album should have been finished by now actually but we have done some many new productions and remixes so that is why it's not finalized yet. We have another 4 tracks to create but then it should be ready.

An exclusive news I can give to Trance.nu is that Three Drives is working on a live act. This will be Ton TB, Erik de Koning and Rene van der Wijde (Atlantic Ocean, TFX). We will perform live on stage with real instruments and there will also be visual effects added to that. It's going to be a little Jean Michel Jarre, Underworld like style. This will be for big outdoor festivals or Ibiza, etc. Maybe we will feature on Dance Valley but this is mainly for abroad.

How do you see your future, more behind the decks or more into producing?
Ton TB: It's going to be a combination of both. I will start spinning more now as that is what clubbers want. At the same time though I want to continue producing. As it is today I spend 4 days a week in the studio, sometimes alone and sometimes with Erik de Koning.

Your breakthrough hit?
Ton TB: Greece 2000 definitely. I have been producing before this track but this one made the international breakthrough of Ton TB. Greece 2000 has been figured on so many dance compilations.

When producing, are you more into hardware instruments or software?
Ton TB: Both. I have this studio and also the computer with plug-ins. (Puts on a new to come summer track in Cubase). Actually I bought a new computer with converters and stuff and also a digital to analog interface so I can still mix the tracks on my studio mixer. So next week we plan to rebuild this studio quiet a bit.

Which is that one DJ or producer you would like to co-operate with?
Ton TB: Well, I would like to make a track together with Chris Rea and for producing I would like to sit down with Faithless.

Where do you like to spin most. A club or maybe a big event?
Ton TB: In a club the atmosphere is much better. You really have a contact with the public as on a big event this is not that easy. Contact with my audience is very important to me. In UK I have the best experience with this, the club culture is very good over there.

What is your opinion on the mp3 and download of music phenomena?
Ton TB: This is theft. The author has the right to get money for his music. The whole music industry is collapsing because of this. 6 years ago everything could be released. Now that is not possible anymore, labels are very careful on what to release and what not. The risk is too big. There should be worked out some pay system, they really have to find something to fix this problem. If this continues like this in a couple of years there won't be any more producers left.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Ton TB: Breakbeat, old disco, soul, Police... I also listen to production techniques in music, how the build up is made in a track, the arrangement. Sometimes when I am in my car I only listen to bass lines and try to concentrate on that, how it is made, build.

Trance.nu has a lot of upcoming producers. Any tips or tricks you can give?
Ton TB: Get your most favorite track and try to copy it. Try to recreate that same sound. This is a good way to learn how instruments work. Learn how the system works and how this sound is produced. That is my advice.

You are a busy man but what do you do when you have some of that 'free time'?
Ton TB: In the morning I am always at the studio. Ah, ok, free time! I like driving in my car, going to car shows, making a tour around the clubs and good food of course!

Favorite food?
Ton TB: Home made bami! (Indonesian dish)

Your future?
Ton TB: Always something in the music business!

Thank you very much for your time Ton TB!
Ton TB: You're welcome.

Every Tuesdaynight from 19:00 till 22:00 hrs C.E.T DJ Ton T.B. presents the internet radio show: Vinyl Visions on Dancenetfm.com together with DJ Cor Fijneman and DJ Dazzle (Black Hole Recordings)

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