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Sunday 26th, May 2002
Tom Harding

On Wednesday the 8th of May 2002, Trance.nu had an exclusive interview with Tom Harding, just a few minutes before Tom's gig at the 'Inferno' party in club Time Out in Gemert, The Netherlands.

Question: On your website you said that your favourite venue that you played
was Dance Valley. What made Dance Valley such a special experience for you?

Tom Harding: It was Dance Valley 1999 and I got to headline it, and the
whole thing enclosed off the main stage over like Carl Cox and Hard
Floor. All
these heros of mine. It was just like the biggest gig I'd ever done and for
the first time I just looked out and saw 40,000 people there, like 80,000 hands
in the air. And it's just like .... you think .... un-fucking-believable!

Question: And it was your first real big gig?

Tom Harding: Ummm...well 40,000 people. It was the biggest thing I've
ever done in my entire life. It was just the best feeling in the world. Just

Question: You not only a popular DJ, but also a producer and have worked
with people like Jon The Dentist. Can we expect some more collaborations with
other people in the near future?

Tom Harding:
Yeah. I'm doing some tracks with Phil Reynolds, he's like an
English hard trance-y chap who plays the same sort of stuff as me. And I'm going
to do some stuff on my own. Develop my own sound and try to get my own style
out there really. But I mean, if someone else wants to work with me, brilliant.
But I'm going to try and concentrate on my own stuff.

Question: Can we expect a new album soon? A live-mix album or a compilation

Tom Harding: Yeah. I'm going to start work on a new mix album soon. The
last one was out in December and I want to do like two a year, just to try and
capture where I'm at that point in the year. So yeah, I'm going to start trying
to license some tracks soon.

Question: And you also made several mixes of other tracks. Are there any
tracks you want to remix?

Tom Harding: Ummm, what would I like to remix? I don't know actually.
That's tricky. In an ideal world, I'd like to remix Cowgirl by Underworld. It's
like my favourite tune. But then you think, it's such a great bloody tune anyway,
you shouldn't really remix it. If you see what I mean? Because it's just perfect
the way it is.

Question: But if Underworld ask you to remix Cowgirl, what would you say

Tom Harding: Yeah. I'd say course I would! <Laughs>

Question: And what if Britney Spears asks you to remix her new track?

Tom Harding: I'd say .... no! <Laughs>

Question: When you're DJing, you're playing hardhouse. What kind of music
do you listen to when you're at home or in your car?

Tom Harding: At home when I'm practicing, hardhouse of course. But when
I'm relaxing, anything but really. Because it's quite intense music. Just like
bands and stuff. Like I bought The Strokes album the other day and more chilled
out stuff like Air and quite mellow. Bascially complete opposite to hardhouse.

Question: You're a very popular DJ in the Netherlands. Why do you think the
people like you so much? Is it because of the style you're playing or something

Tom Harding:
Well I hope they like the music, because that's like the main
thing. I think they probably like the fact that I jump up and down alot and
quite excited. <Laughs>

Question: You won some awards in the past, like Mixmag awards and Club UK's
new talent award. What is the most important award you ever won?

Tom Harding: The one that meant the most to me was probably Muzik's Bedroom
Bedlam award. Muzik is like a big magazine in England, and it's basically like
tape of the month really. But if you win that, you get a lot of coverage in
the magazine and they try and push you. From that I got loads of bookings in
England and you know you're up against thousands of other DJs tapes. So yeah,
that's the award that meant the most to me I think.

Question: When did you win that award?

Tom Harding: That was in September 1995.

Question: Do you also surf the internet when you are at home? and if so,
what pages are interesting for you?

Tom Harding: I've got my <a href="http://www.tom-harding.com/" target="_blank">own
website</a> <Laughs>, which I look at
now and then. I like looking at hardhouse websites and stuff to see what's going
on. Apart from that, I don't really surf on the internet that much, unless I
want to buy something.

Question: And what's your opinion about the use of mp3?

Tom Harding: Good actually. Yeah, very handy. For example, there is a
new mixing system, it's got like vinyl scratch. You basically get your laptop,
load up x thousand mp3s and put these tracks on the turntables and scratch all
your mp3s off your laptop. Genius, absolute genius.

Question: But what do you think about people who download your music?

Tom Harding: I mean, at the end of the day, you can't get around it.
You can't do much about it, and to be honest I download stuff off the internet
as well. If you've got Morpheus or something you can download as many tracks
as you want. So I'm as guilty as anyone else who does it. So I can't complain
to be honest with you.

Question: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Tom Harding: Lots of DJing, some work on the producing site - so some
more tunes, the new mix album. That's it I think.

Question: When is your new mix album going to be released?

Tom Harding: Probably in July. That's the basic plan.

Question: Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the future.

Tom Harding: Pleasure mate. Thank you!

More information about Tom Harding can be found on his official website: <A HREF="http://www.tom-harding.com/" target="_blank">www.tom-harding.com</A>

Dancemania would like to thank club <a href="http://www.time-out.nl" target="_blank">Time
Out</a>, Gonzo and Jorg Marinus for their help with this interview.

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