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Tuesday 23rd, September 2003
Three Drives

Ton TB and Erik de Koning are probably best known for their production work with Three Drives, being responsible for the massive club hits `Greece 2000`, `Sunset on Ibiza` and the recently caned anthem `Carrera 2`. Their tracks have been licensed to upfront international labels as Hooj Choons, Xtravaganza, VC Recordings and Vandit Records. We need no more introduction for Ď3Dí, time to ask questions:

Trance.nu: First of all, how far are you with your new album Melodies Of The Universe?
Ton TB: Itís finished but hasnít been pressed yet. It will be released on Massive Drive and distribution will be done by Mid-Town Records. We also have some distribution partners in England but I canít give you exact names now.

Trance.nu: Has a release date been set already?
Ton TB: No, not yet but somewhere next month, early October probably. The CD will be released in Holland first and shortly after that the album will be released in the UK. For other countries we have no concrete information yet.

Trance.nu: What style can we expect from your new album? Something like ITWT 8 (mixed by Ton TB)?
Ton TB: Itís an album with a build up. We start out with slower tracks and then with more solid stuff. Itís a whole mix. Most of our tracks are about 9 minutes long. When you count there are 12 tracks on the album and you know you have to edit them to have them all. We tried to make a continuous mix out of it.
Erik de Koning: It has been mixed on the computer. All tracks are instrumental on this album.

Trance.nu: Will there be only new tracks on this album or also previously released work?
Ton TB: There are tracks you know already like Sunset On The Beach, Carrera 2 and Air Traffic. Some new tracks will also be featured and Tiesto and Marco V are spinning them already from CD-R. Itís the follow-up of Air Traffic and is called Signs From The Universe. There are also other tracks but we are still waiting for some remixes to be finished like radio versions with vocals, etc. This album is a double CD and the first disc will be the album itself with some new and some existing tracks. On the second disc there will be only remixes, this CD is also unmixed which gives a greater ease of use for DJs.

Trance.nu: Are both CDs audio only or have you thought about adding an interactive CD-ROM track to it?
Ton TB: Well, we had plans for it but for this album it was not possible to realize them. We will certainly do something like this for our next CD.
Erik de Koning: We had not enough time to compile it.

Trance.nu: How do I have to imagine you working together on such an album? You are two producers, how does this go in practice?
Erik de Koning: We meet up in the studio. Usually we spend 3 days per week together in the studio. We start working and something comes out of our cooperation. When we have finished such a track we mail it to Johan Gielen, Tiesto or Marco V and then they give us their feedback on our work. Itís always afterwards that we decide if it is going to be a Three Drives production, it has to have a certain Ďsoundí. We do what we like to do, that means we donít start working on a track with a thought of ďthis has to be Three DrivesĒ, that comes later.

Trance.nu: Are there any remixes planned for the newer tracks on this album?
Ton TB: Signs From The Universe will be remixed by Marco V. I think it should be out early 2004.
Erik de Koning: This whole dance music world is like one big group of friends. Itís a small world you know. Most of the times with remixes it is on an exchange basis. That means that some day we will probably make a remix for Marco V.

Trance.nu: Are you going to do any Three Drives remixes soon?
Ton TB: Well, that track for Marco V of course but we donít know what track. I think it will be something new. We also have some new productions coming up for Johan Gielen. He has asked us to make some new material for him. It will come out as Johan Gielen but we will work on it together.

Trance.nu: Can we expect in a near future tracks with vocals in it from you?
Ton TB: Yes on Air Traffic there is a vocal version but except that not.
Erik de Koning: If you know somebody or if people from Trance.nu want to send us vocals they are more then welcome!
Ton TB: The disadvantage though of using a vocalist is that once people have heard a tune of you with vocals they will expect your next track to have vocals too. As an artist you may want to consider if this suits the concept of your project.
Erik de Koning: Vocals are good for the smaller clubs, they are playing music that is accessible to a broader audience who like that. Tracks with vocals sell better. If you have a track with vocals you have 70% more chance that your production will be played on radio.
For Three Drives, if we are looking into the future I would like to see male vocals, in my opinion it is more suited for us. Cor Fijneman, Paul van Dyk, everybody uses female vocalists already, and itís not original anymore.

Trance.nu: How do the plans look for the Three Drives live act?
Ton TB: We have started with it. We are working on sounds, I think next summer everything will be finished. It will also be possible for us to appear as a DJ act.
Erik de Koning: Itís also not completed yet because we have been working hard on the Melodies From The Universe album. But if we want this live act to lift off it should be finished before the big summer festivals start next year.

Trance.nu: What do you think of the phenomena that more and more DJs spin from CD-R now?
Ton TB: Well, itís all about the cost. There is a big difference in pressing 100 vinyls or 100 CD-Rs. Labels are very careful today in what they want to bring out on vinyl. Also everywhere where I go to spin they have these fantastic Pioneers 1000, you can do nearly the same as with vinyl, they are great in handling.
Erik de Koning: With CD-Rs DJs can also get more exclusive material. See, if a producer decides to send out only CD-Rs of his latest track to a selection of 10 DJs then only those DJs have that track. With a vinyl it would not be possible. When the vinyl is out, then more people have listened to it already.

Trance.nu: How was the summer of 2003 for you?
Ton TB: It was quiet for me. I have been working on our new album.
Erik de Koning: For me it is the first time I really took a holiday since 4 years. I have also started to pick up DJing again. I havenít played for some years now and want to come back.

Trance.nu: What about this fall and winter?
Ton TB: I have some gigs lined up in England.
Erik de Koning: For me it all starts next month. I will spin on Lexion and every Friday I should start spinning in a small club in Rotterdam. Main style will be trance/progressive. I expect this winter to be more present in the scene. I have been away for 4 years so it takes some time to make my come-back.

Trance.nu: User Mulder from Trance.nu wanted to know what the lead sound is in your track Carrera 2?
Erik de Koning: If I remember well it was a sound from the Roland JV-2080. But the sound has been a little pitch bended and modulated.

Trance.nu: Do you get a lot of fan email?
Ton TB: Yes, quite a lot! It all comes in through our Three Drives website. We have people from all over the world asking us questions. People from Australia ask us when we will come to play. 3 months ago it was planned for me to go there for 2 weeks but then Tiesto was going there as well and things got shifted around a bit.

Trance.nu: Would you play at an event to raise money for a good cause?
Ton TB: Yes, we have done that already. Last time it was at War Child.

Trance.nu: Do you have a favorite artist or DJ?
Ton TB: Too many DJs today...
Erik de Koning: I really like Underworld. Not their softer productions though. But the way they appear live is fantastic. The vocalist has so much power, when he is on stage it is just amazing.

Trance.nu: Top 3 tracks now?
Ton TB:
1 Tiesto - Traffic
2 Marco V - Loops & Things
3 Three Drives - Signs From The Universe (tbr)
Erik de Koning:
1 Tiesto - Traffic
2 The Roc Project Feat Tina Arena - Never
3 A Situation VS Poptastic - Love Talk

Trance.nu: What advice could you give to upcoming producers on Trance.nu?
<a href="http://home.planet.nl/~paver053/files/ThreeDrives.wmv">Click to see video clip</a>

Trance.nu: Thank you very much for your time!
Ton TB: You are welcome.

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