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Tuesday 25th, September 2007
Tom Colontonio
Updated: Monday 01st, October 2007

Tom Colotonio is quite simply the man of the moment, his productions, remixes and DJ sets are rocking the dance industry from every direction, even though heís a man on mission he manage to take some time out to have a quick chat with us.

Tom Colontonio

t.nu: You've recently been starting to make some major waves in the industry with a lot of your remixes and productions getting played all the top names in Dance, only a couple of weeks back your remix of Misconceptions by A/B Project was Radio 1's 'One for the Weekend'. Were you expecting this? How did it make you feel?

Well I definitely was not expecting it. I was very happy when I found out though. I was always a big supporter of Mondo records so to get the chance to remix for them was nothing short of wonderful. They havealways been synonymous with quality in the dance industry.

t.nu: How did you first get into music?

I was around 10 years old when I remember playing 8 tracks on my aunts stereo. When I turned 11 I got a guitar for Christmas and would sit and play the thing for hours and hours. I started studying classical by time I was 13 and was doing studio musician work at the age of 17 on guitar. I would go in studios at night then go to school during the day...maybe thatís why my grades were so good...lol

t.nu: How would you describe your sound?

Well Iím a bit of a lunatic about my kicks... I def stick to the rule that the kick and bass drive the track. I would say Iím on the harder side of trance with good melodies or at least thatís what I try for.

t.nu: Who have been / are your biggest musical influences?

In the beginning of my introduction to trance it was Ferry Corsten, Gouryella and PVD. I still freak if I hear Ferry's Moonman edit of "Where are you now" or "Walhalla" or "For an angel"

Present: I would def say Tyas and OíCallaghan. They both have impacted my sound as well as being good friends and a huge help to me.

t.nu: WhatĻs been the personal highlight of 2007 for you so far?

Oxidize being Tune of the week on ASOT was pretty wicked. I was even more shocked when Armin played my 7 cities rework in the same episode (314). PVD charting my Timebomb remix in DJ Mag was great for me as well. Halliwell has been hammering my stuff too on Radio1 which has been a big help. Things have been moving very fast now so I'm just trying to stay focused on what Iím doing. Iím def trying for more quality than quantity.

t.nu: What other artists/labels inspire you?

Thatís a tough one because there are so many but Iím a big fan of a lot of stuff on Armada, Vandit, Conspiracy and Discover to name a few. Askew makes some slamming material and runs a great label. Activa is also an extremely talented producer as well as running a great label with O'bir. Itís quite an honor for me to be an artist on both of them. The digital age has allowed so many labels to spring up and release material that probably would have never seen the light of day 6 years ago. In a way thatís a good thing because there's so much to listen too while shopping now but it also has its drawbacks.

t.nu: What's your opinion of the current state of dance music in general?

I could probably go on forever about this so Iíll try and keep it short. There is so much variety at this point and Digital has allowed for a lot of music to surface...good and bad I think. There are times when I hear stuff on pay D/L sites and think "Wow this is not very good" but music is a matter of taste so thatís all opinion.

I would say itís in a good state overall being that there is so much available. Sites like Audiojelly and Beatport have made is easy for DJ-XYZ to get their hands on material that may never have been put on a record or able to be bought so that is a good thing. It also makes it accessible to non dj's and just music lovers in general.

t.nu: Do you have a motto or words to live by?

A very good friend of mine Dj Manolo said something to me that I never forgot "Be nice to everyone on the way up because your gonna see them on the way down". Iím also a big believer in Karma. What goes around comes around kind of stuff.

t.nu: WhatĻs in store from Tom Colontonio before the end of 2007 and what's Planned for 2008?

Well Iím currently working on several tracks at the moment. Doing another EP on Conspiracy and an O'bir remix as well. Me and Tyas have talked about a vocal Collaboration in the fall so thatís also a possibility. I also have just started 2 originals so well see where those go when their finished. I def hope to do some traveling in 2007/2008 to support my music as well!

t.nu: Can you let us know a bit about your current set up? Is there software or hardware you can't live with out?

My current setup is Logic Pro 8 on an Apple Mac pro and Motu 828 MKII soundcard. I am currently using all soft synths and a Virus TI desktop (Def can't live without that)

I used to be a hardware fanatic when I first started producing. I had a JP8000. Virus KC, Supernova 2 and a Phantom synth all at one time. I would just look around at them and try to decide where I was gonna pull a sound from..lol. Looking back It was prob counter productive to what I was trying to do because I wasted too much time searching instead of learning one of them completely. I also use Mackie HR824 monitors..they are amazing IMO.

t.nu: Do you have any gigs/releases coming up?

I have several tracks/remixes slated to release in the near future.
"Suspect" on Discover Dark, "Paradigm Shift" on Discover, AB project - "Misconceptions" (Tom Colontonio Remix) on Mondo and a remix of Kyo & Gills - "Ultima" on Enhanced.

As far as gigs ill be playing in Sacramento, California November 3rd, Leeds, UK on December 14th for Digital Society W/ Askew and also with Tyas in Philadelphia Oct 27th @ Shampoo as well as Tyas & Patterson in December in NYC.

t.nu: If we want to keep up to date and find out what your up to where should we check?

Any of the following sites
www.metallicrecordings.com (Me and Dj Manolo's record label)

t.nu: Lastly could you give us here at Trance.nu your Top 7 favorite new tunes of the moment?

1. Sean Tyas - "Drop" [Discover]
2. John Askew "Chime" [Discover]
3. Sophie Sugar "Sense of Connection or Day 7" [ASOT] - Im a huge fan of her tracks.
4. Cartel ďMomentsĒ [CDR] that break melody is just rippin
5. Armin Van Buuren - "Rush Hour" [Armind] Still can't get enough of this track.
6. Paul Van Dyk & Giuseppe Ottaviani "Far Away" [PVD GmbH] Plucks to die for!
7. Simon Patterson "Bulldozer" [Reset] Absolute dancefloor destroyer.

t.nu: Well that about raps it up, thanks again Tom for spending some time with us, we wish you all the best for the rest of 2007 and weíll catch up with you in the New Year to get another update.

My pleasure, thanks for asking me.

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