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Friday 18th, October 2002
The return of Lemon 8

Trance.Nu caught up with Dutch star Lemon8 for a brief chat about his forthcoming Inner Sanctuary Sessions compilation on Basic Beats. Read on for further information about his album, gigs, forthcoming projects and life in general.

The Inner sanctuary Sessions CD is breathtaking! How did you go on about
mixing and compiling this compilation? Was it sweat and tears, or pure joy?
Surely there must have been lots of emotions and thoughts circulating in your
brain when using classic cuts such as Triple Funk and The Only Way, as well as
your latest offering, New York New York?

You're so right! as I was mixing it I've had all these flashbacks and feelings
that came popping up in my head. I also felt a sense of pride as I realized that
I did all those tracks myself. I even felt a bit embarrassed, you know, like I
was showboating or stuff like that which of course is total nonsense. So I had
mixed up feelings while mixing the CD, but more on a personal level. I think
that's good. The mixing itself was quite spontanious. Though I'm pretty capable
of doing it live, I had decided to mix it in the computer as I already had the
mix pretty much completed inside my head. I knew exactly where to put the next
track in and so forth but I didn't want it to sound to tight. You can make it as
tight as you want, once inside the computer, but I decided to keep that loose
feeling of a real turntable mix and I think I succeeded in that. I did it in 2
days time.

For people new to the Lemon8 trademark sound, how would you describe your

It's hard to distance oneself from something you did yourself. I think it sounds
different at various moments for various people. Oke, let's try. I think it
sounds funky, warm and there's a tension in it. When I make music I always try
to put in lots of layers to keep it interesting. Sometimes I aim for the heart
and sometimes the feet or the head. That way you can listen to the tracks at
various levels depending on what you're concentrating on. You can go for the
melody, the rhythm, the basslines or the space in between. There's something in
it for everyone I think.

Out of all your productions and remixes since day one, which track(s) are you
the most proud of and why?

Every track has it's own story behind it and I'm proud of each and everyone of
them. I always try to make music without a pre-conceived idea. So my mind is
totally blank when I start out. That way I'm always able to surprise myself. I
really surprised myself with Greed's Strange World, Cajun's Awareness and NYNY.
It's like someone else did those tracks.

Your style is ever changing and evolving. What can we expect for the future?
When will New York, New York (Basic Beat) and your remix of Greed - Strange
World (Devolution) hit retail?

NYNY will hit the streets somewhere mid - November. I have just finished the
remix today and I'm very proud of it - and I think the same goes for Greed feat.
Lesley's Strange World, though that might be a little earlier. Also coming out
soon is Filmpalast - Istanbul on Hope and Nugen's Braaj on Canadian label
Release. Oh, almost forgot Main Element - Take me down on Silver Planet. At this
time I'm working on new tracks that will sound pretty different from what I did
before although the Lemon8 elements are still in there.

How has 2002 been for you DJ-wise, you've played at several events worldwide,
what is the worst and best episode so far? Do you have any expectations for

It's been a pretty good year as a DJ so far. I've had some wonderful gigs in
Istanbul and made new friends around the world. I haven't had any bad gigs but
sometimes things can go wrong. I was meant to play in Poland a few weeks back,
but the airline left my record bag behind so I had to play someone else's
records. Luckily I brought my Inner Sanctuary Sessions CD so I cheated a little
bit, but the crowd went berserk! Anyway, I was surrounded by nice people and
after 5 slammers, 3 whiskeys and a round of table-football my weekend turned out
to be very memorable. I guess 2003 will bring more worldwide gigs and I love it.
Music is truly the one and only universal language, and I'm happy to be an
ambassador of that.

What are your favorite tracks at the moment, any tasty whitelabels / cd-r's
rocking your record box?

One of my current favorites is Fuf & Guz feat. Marshall Jefferson - Coffee to
go, and it's on Kinky Vinyl. It's a sublabel of Whoop! and I love all their
stuff. I'm a big fan of Filterheadz and my latest discovery is Dutch lad Matthew
Dekay who is emerging as one of Holland's biggest new talents. I still love the
Australian stuff, especially Zero Tolerance and Kasey Taylor's Vapour Records.
Here's my insiders tip: Castor & Pollux - Serenity, the JF Sebastian remix. Keep
an eye on that one.

Thanks for sharing your 'Inner Sanctuary' with us, best of luck when the
album hits retail on the 18th of november. Do you have a message to all your
fans worldwide and here at www.trance.nu?

I think this is one of the best dance sites in the world and I'm very honoured
to be here again. I hope you will all like the CD as much as I do and if you do,
please leave a message in my guestbook at my new website www.djlemon8.com. See
you there soon!

We would like to thank you for your co-operation.

You're more than welcome. Once again some very nice questions. Keep up the good


Trance.Nu would like to thank Geremy O'Mahony at Devolution Recordings and
JM Knopper at Progressive Management for helping us out with this interview, and
of course Harry Lemon himself. Best of luck to all of you in the future!

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